Customer Reviews of Gallery Collection Greeting Cards – Wow!

Ever want to know what your customers REALLY think of you? Well, after recently opening ourselves up to Reseller Reviews we have found out! And you know what? We are so glad we did! Seriously, we were blown away at what we have read. For a company whose employees take true pride in providing a top quality product and delivering amazing customer service here at The Gallery Collection, you might understand that some of these reviews actually brought a tear to our collective eyes.

So without further ado, here is what some of our customers have to say about our Christmas cards and All-Occasion greeting cards (no editing of responses or timeline were done) and here is what we have to say back to them…

5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-17-2011

“My experience with Gallerycollection has been excellent. Great products and speedy delivery. “

Gallery Collection: Thank you! Providing our customers with excellent product and service is what we strive for.


5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-16-2011

“Gallery Collection has a fabulous assortment of cards. Our company has ordered these cards for birthdays, congratulations, sympathy, anniversaries, get well, and thank yous. I am pleased at the high quality and brilliant colored designs. People are always honored to receive them.”

Gallery Collection: Wow! That was so nice! We are so pleased that you are pleased.


5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-15-2011

“The Gallery Collection never disappoints us. This is the fifth year we’ve ordered our Company holiday cards from Gallery, and we find the artistry to be inspired and the production quality flawless. We also appreciate the significant discount offered us every year for ordering early. Every business in America should be this well managed and operated. Thanks for a very valued service. “

Gallery Collection: @chilmarkcharle we were blown away by your review. We couldn’t ask for anything better. Many thanks for your kind words.


5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-14-2011

“We had not ordered in 5 years and none of the previous order information was on file in our offices. I went on line and found the cards that we needed being featured in a 50% discount + $75 off sale. I entered the order information online and submitted it. I received a confirmation email regarding the order. I was unsure about the artwork due to the time between orders. Phyllis called me within a day or two of the order to inform me that the logo was not on file and that I would have to re-submit it. She was very professional. She left exact instructions for what I needed to do. We kept missing each other on the phone, but we communicated by messages. I told her that I had a $200 budget and would need to switch the shipping rate to compensate for the cost for the logo. She found the best rate for me and kept my bill under budget. This was a very pleasant shopping experience. I will choose to continue doing business with this company. “

Gallery Collection: That is terrific to hear. We are glad that our customer service representative, Phyllis, was able to help you with your budget considerations. We are here to serve and keep our customers happy and provide that “very pleasant shopping experience” each and every time!


5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-14-2011

“The website was easy to manipulate and the products were displayed beautifully………….”

Gallery Collection: Super. We work hard to make our website as user friendly as possible. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Customer Reviews of Gallery Collection Greeting Cards – Wow!”

  1. Very good review, I’m not surprise, the quality of the product is outstanding and customers service always put the customers first. It’s good to see some companies that care for their customer base.

  2. I am not surprised with the wonderful reviews – working at Gallery seasonally, the training is wonderful, the office rules are great, and I have been doing customer service for over 20 years and this company is the first one out of the few I’ve been at that really follows the customer is #1. The accommodations for the customers are spot on and it is a wonderful staff. And the Administration / Corporate are so hands on with everyone it is a great feeling to be somewhere that is so perfect. Plus these cards and all the products are the top shelf.

  3. Satisfied customers are the key to any growing business. If you give them what they ask for they will be customers for life!

  4. So many choices, whether you want Christmas or the more general Holiday cards – Gallery Collection has it all. And if you really can’t find what you want you can make a personalized card. What more could you ask for in a Holiday card?

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