Presenting…Your Brand!

I have been selling computer software for over ten years and the main thing I have learned is that you need to not only have a good product but you need to have a good presentation. Know your product in and out so any questions that are thrown at you can be answered. But do not skimp on presentation. I have seen it too many times in my world where the presentation underwhelms and does the product a disservice.

Something as simple as creating a branded presentation folder can go a long way to impressing perspective clients. Slap a nice logo, foil stamped and engraved…put your company name on there and now you have a piece of art that will hold your presentation documents but also brand you as the company continues to use that folder after you have gone.

Now the product you are selling has to have some usability for you to make a sale but do not forget showmanship. From the dialogue to the folder, make sure you are on top of your game for every pitch you give. Get that brand face front and forward. The more the perspective client sees you the more they will remember you. Good luck selling!

23 thoughts on “Presenting…Your Brand!”

  1. Presentation folders are definitely a notch above just handing out ordinary business cards. Showing up to a meeting with a business-branded presentation folder truly means you take your business very seriously. And no doubt — others will see that firsthand.

  2. You should always stick with the brand when the cards are sent from your business. Keep true to your corporate colors and logo.

  3. The presentation folders from Gallery COllection are amazing. I am very impressed with the quality.

  4. I’ve been getting cards from you for years and I’m glad to see you’ve branched out to other products. I am especially pleased that I can have folders with my company logo when I go out on sales calls.With the slits for business cards they are perfect.

  5. I ordered a bunch of folders a while back and now I need more! They are a great addition to my portfolio. All the information for new customers is printed out and inserted and I can leave the client feeling like they are well taken care of.

  6. I have a new job and I was very impressed with the folder I received to welcome me. It has the company name & logo on the front in gold and had all my insurance information ready for me inside. Why don’t more companies do this?

  7. I’m glad to see you added more colors to the folder and the foil choices. And i like the choice of printing inside the folders as well.

  8. The customized presentation folders are a great way to show uniform sophistication, all the while providing employees, prospective clients, etc. all the information they need.

  9. When I get my taxes done I get back my paperwork in a flimsy manila folder. I wish my tax guy would get the folders from you. They look sturdy and very professional.

  10. If you have the jitters before a presentation these folders can alleviate some of the pressure. Just make sure you organize your printed material in folders and distribute them to those in attendance.
    You will make a good first impression before the start of the meeting!

  11. Your folders are definitely a good idea for business meetings with clients. They look professional and could be the difference between getting new business or being passed over.

  12. I love the idea of folders with our logo on the front and the rest of our info inside. And for sure the slits for business cards are a plus. Keep adding more colors and finishes, please.

  13. Do you think you’ll be adding some college colors to your line of folders? Even NFL colors would be fantastic! And I would love to see pink and orange, two of my favorite colors.

  14. Salesmanship is part showmanship and your presentation folders are up to the task. The foil just glows and our logo looks great!

  15. I like to think my employer’s patients pay more attention to the advice they are given because I print out the doctor’s instructions and present them in your folders. It’s more official and it’s a lot clearer than just the talk they have in the office.

  16. Your folders are sturdy and colorful. We ordered a bunch of them in red for debits and green for credits, both with silver imprinting of our company name & logo. Our monthly files look really organized now. Thanks.

  17. I remember when companies used to print out sticker labels and place them on folders and that was the best they could possibly do to have a “cool logo” on a folder. These foil-printed folders are the next level! And the prices are “small business-friendly” as well.

  18. My company ordered presentation folders a few weeks ago. We are thrilled with the quality. They look so much better than the generic folders we previously used and customers seem to rave over them.

  19. Consider using folders like the Presentation Folders for submitting any important documents. They make a great impression.

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