Believe Me: Business Card Designs That Communicate Trust

You spent a few moments pitching your idea on a napkin to a potential client or customer. How do you reaffirm your brand after that initial meeting?

Business cards are a tool that put you in the position to say what you need to say without saying it. Credibility is established as well giving you an easy way to get in contact with you. Here are 10 designs that will say believe me more than you could say yourself.

Basic – a photo, a logo, a company name, phone number and address. Say what you need to say and say it quick; great for getting the word out without over bearing your contacts.

Fun & Creative – let your artistic ability shine through the colors and designs that shout Hello with style. These kinds of cards are great for creative workers.

Geometric & Patterns – engage your contact with your trendy designs that communicate your tech-savvy. Great for tech consultants and data companies.

Minimalist – simple is better and highlighting that matters when communicating trust effectively. Guide your contact to the most important information by choosing carefully what you need to show in a fashionable way.

Modern & Fresh – Please your contacts eyes with a look that uses the coolest array of colors. Add a unique feel to your design business without being too out of the box.

 Photos & Logos – Look sharp in your suit or represent your company’s logo in full. Great for real estate agents or graphic designers looking to show their best ‘self’s’.

Traditional – Go along with the long established card which effectively gives your info with no frills. Great for that old-school feel and look.

Trendy – Enter the 21st century with a Facebook profile look alike card that shows your hip and about business. Great for social entrepreneurs with a mission to touch the world.

No matter which design you choose to showcase your business with, our business cards will suite your needs. With over 8 design concepts to choose from and the ability to upload your own, we can meet your business card needs.

Choosing The Right Business Card

Choosing the right business card is very important. Your business card often represents you and who you are, before your mouth has even opened.  There are many things to consider before creating your card. Make sure to do an internal checklist before picking your card and its content.

       The first thing to remember is that although this is your business card, it is not your social media page. This piece of stationary represents your business, and a code of professionalism is necessary. If your business has a specific logo, then you must do your best to have it replicated on your card. The recipient should never have to guess who you are representing. Your name and position should also be clear on your business card. Although an address is not necessary, it may be included, but not at the expense of hiding your phone number and email. These are the two most popular forms of contact and they must be highlighted on your card.  

     It is also important to remember that the quality of the business card is crucial. Whether it is done in matte paper or gloss in a shiny smooth finish, it should never be cheaply done in a light paper stock. The business card will not last, and over time it can become unsightly. Less is more, when it comes to the setup on your card. Too many words can create disinterest. Too many designs and colors can create questions in regards to your professionalism. There are exceptions, when designs and color are directly related to your industry. Otherwise, it is best to avoid them. The right card can open many doors, so take your time when choosing the right business card. It could change your life.

Why Branding Is Important To A Successful Business

As a small business, you may be competing against big brands with dedicated customers and limitless marketing budgets. That’s why you have to find ways to differentiate with a solid brand building process of your own.

We all know the Nike tagline: Just Do It. But do you know their mission statement? Nike’s mission is: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world”. You could see their mission everywhere. They focus on all types of athletes using Nike products to be try and help them be their best selves.

Do you remember Apple’s slogan back in 1997-2002? It was “Think Different”. This notion continues to exist, today. It is obviously not just another computer company. One of their key qualities is clean design, and a key benefit is ease of use. From unique packaging to their announcement events, Apple always reminds customers that its products can be used right out of the box.

Customers aren’t looking for another cookie-cutter company offering the same thing as everyone else. They are looking for an experience tailored to their needs, backed by sincere personal contact. Wouldn’t you want your company to be considered classy, professional and prepared?

This is what The Gallery Collection’s mission has been for many decades. The company strives to provide the best quality products that will leave a lasting impression on business partners, clients, or family; you name it. Whether it’s staying prepared for a business meeting with Presentation Folders or staying in touch by sending a Greeting Card, the Gallery Collection is there to help you achieve just that.

Customer Satisfaction Is #1 Priority

When dealing with customers, it is important to note that your interaction will leave a lasting impression on them. The impression that you leave with a customer can last for a day, a week, a month, or even a year, and is also very imperative to the business or company that you represent.

If you treat a customer with respect and go beyond their expectations in customer satisfaction, not only will you leave the customer satisfied, you will also leave a great impression for yourself and the business. Providing excellent customer service will also have a domino effect because satisfied customers will recommend your service and your business to other individuals which in turn will cause more customers to purchase the products that your business provides.

Bad customer service can also have a domino effect too because if a customer feels unsatisfied then he/she can provide negative feedback to other individuals. This negative feedback can very detrimental to your employment and also to the business. Overall, proving positive customer service should be your number one priority no matter where you work because it leaves a positive lasting impression on the customer which will ultimately provide positive reviews for both you and the business.

Handshakes & Business Cards

Handshakes and business cards take doing business from strictly business to the more personal side of things.  Business can be gained or lost by just these two simple, but necessary things.  The impression you make with either of these will be remembered. Customers or potential customers will link the two with your character and professionalism.

Have you ever shaken someone’s hand and immediately had a negative thought about them?  Maybe they seemed weak or unsubstantial, but maybe you shook their hand and felt this person has depth of character.  You want the person you are connecting with to exude confidence in their handshake.  You are more likely to reach back out to a business acquaintance if you felt poise and conviction.

Business cards can have the same power and are just as important as that handshake. If you present a simple, dynamic business card, you are presenting yourself as a motivated professional. On the other side of it, if your business card looks haphazard with spelling mistakes or missing information, chances are that your client or potential client will move in a different direction. Your handshake and business card speak volumes of who you are as a businessman. Make sure to put your best foot, or should I say hand, forward.

Memorial Day: How Small Businesses Can Honor Our Military

The unofficial start to summer and a day full of BBQ’s and get-togethers, many forget the true meaning of Memorial Day. It’s a day meant to commemorate the lives of U.S. soldiers who have died in military service. Traditionally, Veteran’s Day is the time to honor war veterans, but Memorial Day offers another occasion to show respect for those involved in military service. If you own or work for a small business there are quite a few ways you can honor our fallen service members on Memorial Day. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Offer special discounts or free items to military members or veterans. Promote a special offer like a 20 percent discount on all purchases.
  • Send out a Memorial Day card with a special offer included. Customers can bring the postcard to your store to receive a special discount or a free promotional gift on or around Memorial Day.
  • Sponsor a float in your local Memorial Day parade. Many towns and cities host annual Memorial Day parades to honor service members, and they seek local businesses as sponsors for their floats to support the cost of the ceremony. Check in with your local community leaders to find out what’s going on in your area, and how your small business can get involved.
  • There are many resources for our military, and they’re always in need of funding. Pick an organization, and collect donations at your place of business.

Presenting…Your Brand!

I have been selling computer software for over ten years and the main thing I have learned is that you need to not only have a good product but you need to have a good presentation. Know your product in and out so any questions that are thrown at you can be answered. But do not skimp on presentation. I have seen it too many times in my world where the presentation underwhelms and does the product a disservice.

Something as simple as creating a branded presentation folder can go a long way to impressing perspective clients. Slap a nice logo, foil stamped and engraved…put your company name on there and now you have a piece of art that will hold your presentation documents but also brand you as the company continues to use that folder after you have gone.

Now the product you are selling has to have some usability for you to make a sale but do not forget showmanship. From the dialogue to the folder, make sure you are on top of your game for every pitch you give. Get that brand face front and forward. The more the perspective client sees you the more they will remember you. Good luck selling!