Thanksgiving Cards – A Plus in the Corporate World

The business world has embraced sending corporate holiday cards as a way of reaching out to customers, clients and associates. Many cards are sent and received during the month of December with the result that you are never sure if your card is more than glanced at. We decided last year to send out Thanksgiving cards as a change of pace.

Scattered Leaves Holiday Card

Knowing that most businesses send out Season’s Greetings cards to be both politically correct and socially conscious, we thought why not Thanksgiving cards. Everybody in the United States celebrates on the same day for the same reason so you can’t offend anyone. In addition why not be the first card of the season received. Talk about standing out. How many times during the busy holiday season do you receive 10, 12 or more cards that you open and barely read? Well it works the same as at home. The first cards of the season you remember more because they come one at a time when you have a moment to read them.

Let’s think about how under appreciated Thanksgiving is as a holiday. It gets very little publicity because it is overshadowed by the coming Christmas period. In reality more people take time to relax and reflect with family and friends at Thanksgiving than any other holiday. A great meal, close family and good friends put you in such a pleasant state of mind, why not use this holiday to send a message of thanks to everyone you send corporate holiday cards to? You will be the first card received, get more notice than the other corporate cards and you will be sending a great message of thanks to all your customers.

We intend to send Thanksgiving cards from our company for the foreseeable future, until everyone catches on and then we may have to rethink our strategy, maybe consider being really first with New Year’s Cards. We’ll keep you posted.

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Cards – A Plus in the Corporate World”

  1. We do the same thing and for the same reasons-how funny we thought we were unique! My contention was that not only are we the first card to arrive-it gets to hang longer and be seen by more people-good luck to you and I hope the idea doesn’t not get popular

  2. I agree! It’s such a wonderful idea to send out Thanksgiving cards since not many people do so! It will definitely let you stand out and your card and generosity will be remembered. It’s true that Thanksgiving is often overshadowed by the hustle and bustle of the upcoming Christmas season, which is more the reason as to why they would be great to send out….because many people don’t! I think I might steal your strategy and send out Thanksgving day cards this year too!!

  3. Now that you mention it, Thanksgiving cards are very attractive-with beautiful Fall colors. This idea needs some serious consideration-I will bring it up at our next meeting-
    1) first card to be received-so it will not get lost in the crowd
    2) will be displayed longer than any other during the holiday season
    3) beautiful designs that remind one of crisp Fall weather and food of course 🙂

  4. Thanksgiving is a great holiday to send out a greeting card. The stores these days are trying to go right from Halloween to Christmas with a slight touch on Thanksgiving. When you receive a card for Thanksgiving it will showcase through both holidays and will be noticed by the pretty fall colors. What a great way to say “Thanks” to your loyal customers.

  5. Business or personal, Thanksgiving Day cards are a special way to remember those we care for whether they are employees, friends or family. We anticipate getting cards at Christmas but not on Thanksgiving Day. We all enjoy receiving an acknowledgement of being thought of during “Turkey Day” especially in the form of a lovely card many of which you can select from The Gallery Collection.

  6. There are 6 adult children in our clan and there’s always a competition as to who called mom first for her birthday or whose card arrived first for Christmas. This concept of being the first really appeals to me. Probably because I’m the youngest. 🙂

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