Cheap Christmas Cards Can Leave A Bad Impression

I have the privilege of working for The Gallery Collection, one of the top greeting card companies in the country. I feel we produce the most beautiful, dazzling Christmas cards, and the results are truly eye catching. I have always been entranced with the array of color found in things that sparkle, and these cards are all of this and more.

Cheap Christmas Cards Leave a Bad Impression

In my travels during the holiday season, several years ago, I visited a few offices in another state. I remember noticing how their greeting cards were displayed around the room. Some were taped to the wall, and others were hung on a piece of string. If the greeting cards are of high quality, they truly stand out amongst the other not so pretty cards. Cheap Christmas cards can leave a bad impression, and find there way to the bottom of the pile so to speak. Companies that purchase “high end” cards will have a lasting impression from the card sender, and perhaps develop future business all because of an eye catching Christmas card. On the 2 office visits, I spotted cards immediately which were designed by my company. I actually felt a sense of happiness and pride to see our company’s classy cards up front and center!

5 thoughts on “Cheap Christmas Cards Can Leave A Bad Impression”

  1. We all would like to send beautiful, “high end” Christmas cards, but often cannot afford the price attached to these better quality cards. Fortunately, while surfing the internet, I found The Gallery Collection, a greeting card company offering top quality, absolutely beautiful holiday cards at affordable prices. They have a lifetime customer.

  2. This may sound snobby but when I get a cheap holiday card from a vendor I notice right away and think that the business outsourced the task of choosing business holiday card!

  3. I totally agree that cheap Christmas cards leave a bad impression. I tend to not save the “cheap” christmas cards I recieve, simply for the fact that they wouldn’t really stand out much if I were to display them. The cards you choose are also a reflection of your business, so whichever you choose to send out keep in mind that will alson represent your brand. I like to just spend a little bit extra and send out the beautiful cards that will always be displayed up front and center!

  4. I agree with Heather but there are some benefits to choosing a good quality card that are really priceless- As Jessie writes, the card is a representation of the company. I have a tip for you, we get our cards from Gallery Collection also but we buy them early and get great discounts! I know you don’t want to think about holiday cards in February but it is well worth it to get up to 50% off-you only have to remember where you put them

  5. We get our cards from Gallery Collection also, we feel it is a worthwhile investment which speaks volumes about how we feel about our clients. It is almost a “dress for success” or “put your best foot forward” advice.

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