Gallery Collection Charitable Donations – National Multiple Sclerosis Society

The Gallery Collection has a long standing history of making charitable donations to organizations that could benefit from greeting cards or holiday cards. One such organization we were very happy to make a donation to is the National Multiple Sclerosis Society – New Jersey Metro Chapter. Our donation of 500 Thank You cards will allow them to thank donors and supporters without the extra expenditure on their organization. And what a great organization it is!

Signature Thank You Cards

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is a collective of passionate individuals who want to do something about MS now. They are determined to create a world that is free of MS. They help people that are affected to address the challenges of living with MS. The Society helps people by funding cutting-edge research, driving change through advocacy, facilitating professional education, and providing programs and services that help people with MS and their families move their lives forward.

The Gallery Collection is pleased to play a small part in helping achieve these goals.

12 thoughts on “Gallery Collection Charitable Donations – National Multiple Sclerosis Society”

  1. What a wonderful thing to do; truly putting your money where your mouth is. I am involved with serveral charities and after reading this I may contact the Gallery Collection to see if we can work out another donation-Thank you

  2. Thank you Gallery Collection for donating to such a wonderful cause. My aunt has MS and we need to find a cure. If everyone would do something – even on a small scale – we could eradicate this horrible disease.

  3. I was searching for thank you cards online and came across your blog. Just wanted to say I’m impressed with your company’s commitment to charitable donations. In this economy it seems like so many companies have pulled back to cut costs. It puts a depressing spin on charitable causes that really need our help. Keep up the good work.

  4. Fantastic idea! I’m sure it was very helpful and much appreciated by this great organization. More companies should step up when they can the way you have. Thank you!

  5. This is such a brillant idea! The Gallery Collection is doing something truely amazing by donating to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society – New Jersey Metro Chapter. It’s so great to hear how one business can make such a huge difference by donating πŸ™‚

  6. Other large companies should follow The Gallery Collections lead. In this economic climate so many companies are cutting costs, it is nice to hear of their charitable donations to various organizations!

  7. I agree with most of the comments, it’s amazing to see a company that, despite the economic climate, is still concerned with helping those in need. It really shows that you can be a profitable business without being greedy; this is the kind of thing that makes me happy to continue supporting their business.

  8. It’s nice to see that you continue to make donations to such an important cause… MS can sometimes be pushed to the wayside by other illnesses that get more attention, so it’s great that your company is committed to donating to New Jersey chapter of the National MS Society.

  9. Its always great to give back. I’m sure the fundraisers are delighted when they receive a thank you card.

  10. Such a great cause and its great to see a company giving back. Less and less companies it seems like do that these days.

  11. I agree with Sarah, it does seem like less and less companies are giving back. This is a great cause.

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