My Favorite Religious Christmas Cards

For my family, we’ve always loved the meaning of Christmas. It is a true celebration of the giving spirit and caring for others. I truly believe that if we continued to hold the spirit of Christmas present in all of our minds, our world would be a much better place. When the time comes to select my Christmas cards to my closest friends and family, I always choose one with a message which resonates with my own family. It’s why I share my wishes for Christmas with Religious Cards.

The Nativity Ornament is such a gorgeous card.  It is almost as if it is in 3D. The red ornament is displayed hanging from a decorated, lighted Christmas tree with a Nativity scene in the center showing the midnight sky above.  The colors are vivid and framed in gold giving the recipient the option to remove the mounted photo to display in a frame.

This Christmas card shows the Peace Symbol of the dove holding an olive branch.  The dove is flying through a stained glass window at Holy Sacrament Church in Paris.  Not only is this card sticking to the religious theme but it is spreading the word of peace.  With the state of the world and our country, there is no better time to spread the wishes of peace.

The Three Wise Men…Definitely making it clear that I am announcing the blessings of the season only with a more modern flair.  They are bringing gifts to the new King through the desert with the bright star leading them.  This is a guiding card with the wishes of a Merry Christmas written on the front.

I am proud to spread well wishes for a Merry Christmas to all with these special one of a kind Religious cards from The Gallery Collection

Religious Christmas Cards Share The Spirit Of The Season

Sending out religious Christmas cards can be a gamble. When you are sending holiday cards for business it is usually best to be more generic and include everyone. “Season’s Greetings” and “Happy Holidays” are the sentiments normally sent out , especially for corporate cards. It is understandable, especially for businesses, that the sender would not want to offend any of their recipients.

 	 Joy and Peace Nativity Christmas Card

But when it comes to personalized Christmas cards, I think most people are aware that Christmas is a religious holiday, and sending out a religious card is an acceptable way to recognize it. In fact, sending out a religious card, or at least one that actually mentions Christmas, is perfectly acceptable for those of you that want to share your holiday greetings with friends and family alike. If someone sends you a card for a holiday you don’t celebrate, it is not meant to insult, but rather to simply share the spirit of the season. Picture yourself receiving a card from someone wishing you a “Happy (insert holiday you don’t celebrate)”! Your reaction would probably be less “How dare they!” and more “That was nice of them to think of me.”  So if you come across a lovely religious Christmas card that you would love to send and share, chances are the recipient will be happy to share the spirit in which it was sent.

Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Look Back Series – Religious Card Designs

For the final post of our 2011 Scholarship segment of the Scholarship Look Back Series, we wanted showcase the beauty and elegance of our Religious Card lineup that Whitney Fuertes’ amazing 2011 Scholarship winning design has been added to. Her wonderfully depicted Nativity Scene and was an amazing addition to an already exquisite lineup.

You can browse through the gallery below to see a sampling of cards that we have from our Religious Christmas Cards Section depicting the Nativity Scene. Click on each image to get a more detailed description of the cards and their designs.

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It’s always amazing to see how many different styles and designs can be used to depict the same scene. In Whitney’s case, she chose to depict the three wise men as they surround the holy family with gifts in what was originally a beautifully detailed hand drawn image.

Religious Christmas Cards and Helping Others

Every year as I prepare my religious Christmas cards and get ready to send them off I think about my church and all the people who most of my cards will be going to. I think about the people in need and I’m glad through my church there are so many opportunities to give. We have a ministry that is called Urban Feet. We go into heavily urban areas and give out coats, socks, shoes, scarves and many other types of clothing. We also are part of the Angel Tree ministry, where the children of an incarcerated parent or parents will receive gifts in their parents name from those who give gifts to the ministry. I also like to include Christmas cards with my gifts.

Each Christmas after sending out my cards I receive tons of praise on the quality. People would say “These are the best Christmas cards I ever received.” That brings joy to my heart, knowing I picked the right cards to send to family and friends. Being able to share the holiday spirit with those in need, as well as all the wonderful people who I am lucky enough to have in my life, make sending cards a truly important part of the season.

Design #368CX – Golden Magi Peaceful Christmas Card

Oh star of wonder, star of night, star with royal beauty bright. You can almost hear the deep voices of Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar singing as they follow the Star of Bethlehem, bearing gifts, to give homage to the new born King. The star leads the Wise Men to the manger where they find Mary, Joseph, and the baby lying in the manger. Mary is kneeling at Jesus’ side while Joseph, ever the protector, watches over them. Surrounded by sheep, the true Lamb of God sleeps peacefully as angels herald the Good News. This beautiful scene shares the wonder of Christmas with all who see it.

Design #368CX - Golden Magi Peaceful Christmas Card
Design #368CX - Golden Magi
Peaceful Christmas Card

This religious Christmas card, design #368CX, appropriately titled Golden Magi Peaceful Christmas Card and exquisitely designed by John T. Lewis, is a golden vision of the Magi’s visit to the Holy Family. A small, but classic nativity scene embossed with gold foil – not glitzy gold, but royal gold, befitting a King – and made of heavy buff colored paper stock. A gold border regally frames the image and highlights the star above the manger. The midnight blue sky, dotted with stars, helps to make the gold pop off the page. The words “Peace on Earth,” in beautiful script remind us of the meaning of this first Christmas.

Religious Christmas Cards for my Family & Season’s Greetings Cards for my Friends

You must check out the newest personalized Christmas cards from the Gallery Collection. Being the devout Catholic that I am, I only send religious Christmas cards; I refuse to send out Season’s Greeting cards – except to my non-Christian friends, of course. Jesus is the reason for the season and I proudly proclaim this when choosing the Christmas cards I send each year. I know it’s politically correct to say “Season’s Greetings” – even shopping mall employees are forbidden to wish us a Merry Christmas. Although last year I told the cashier that if she didn’t wish me a Merry Christmas I would leave without buying anything. Knowing which side her bread is buttered on, she mouthed it very quietly but I could tell she agreed with me.

One of The Gallery Collection’s new and exquisite designs, #126CW Madonna & Child Religious Christmas Card, features a painting by Sassoferrato, who is also known as Giovanni Battista Salvi. The colors of red, white, and blue in the Virgin Mary’s robes are so vivid. The material is so soft you can practically feel it and the detail in the folds of her robes are so well defined. Looking at Mary’s young beautiful face you can’t help but feel the anguish her expression foretells. You can feel the love she has for this babe – the fruit of her womb – yet she seems to be looking to the future at the trials and tribulations he will endure. Her arms are wrapped around him trying to protect him from all harm, as a mother is to do. She seems to be at peace yet her eyes are not completely closed. She knows that her love is not enough to keep this special child safe and so she will remain vigilant. Yet the baby Jesus is sleeping soundly. He knows that he is in good hands – his mother’s and his father’s. He has his hand resting on top of his mother’s, the child protecting the mother. He’s telling her not to worry. He knows the end will be triumphant. This beautiful image is surrounded by a shiny gold regal border, the old juxtaposed with the new, that seems to remind us that this event is as alive today as it was 2,000 years ago.

Design #126CW - Madonna & Child Religious Christmas Card
Design #126CW - Madonna & Child
Religious Christmas Card

Another new design that I will be sending to my non-Christian friends and associates is design #094CX, Golden Greetings Holiday Card. This card is of such high quality, rich paper stock. There are three ornamental designs – a tree, a stocking, and a bell – on the cover that are embossed and detailed in gold foil. There are silver foil snowflakes that sparkle and reflect beautiful colors; they seem to pop off the paper! The three designs are more commercial than “Christmassy” and since it reads “Season’s Greetings,” you can really send this holiday card to anyone and still be politically correct. The personalization in gold foil (not gold ink) on the inside of the card is so classy and it ties the outside and inside together nicely. I must say, while it’s not a religious Christmas card, it is rather impressive.

Design #094CX - Golden Greetings Holiday Card
Design #094CX - Golden Greetings Holiday Card

Design #140CX – Christmas Chapel Holiday Card

The Gallery Collection recently introduced a lovely religious Christmas cards design that evokes that spiritual sense of peace. Design #140CX, Christmas Chapel Holiday Card, depicts an embossed country church highlighted by touches of gold foil. The peaceful serenity is enhanced by majestic trees in their winter splendor scattered behind the chapel among the fields of snow. Closely surrounding the chapel are several smaller pine trees that highlight the quiet welcome to worship. The Northern Star has prominence above the steeple on this Christmas card to emphasis the meaning of Christmas by appearing as the Star of Bethlehem did in the first Christmas.

This religious Christmas card evokes a feeling of nostalgia and peace. The sentiment “In the Spirit of Peace” creates an image of simple celebrations of Christmases past before commercialism took hold of this religious holiday. The feeling that you can worship amidst simple surroundings and truly feel the splendor of Christmas is something that I feel like sharing with all my family and friends. I say let’s spread some serenity in this tumultuous time.

Design #140CX Christmas Chapel Holiday Card
Design #140CX Christmas Chapel Holiday Card

Religious Christmas Cards Celebrate the Reason for the Season

The day and the season are called Christmas for a reason. I like to acknowledge and celebrate the reason for the season. That’s why I choose to send religious Christmas cards. They allow me to express the joy and peace I feel for this glorious occasion, and to spread and share these feelings with others. It’s a choice that helps me to stay centered during a hectic time of year.

Often I will choose a nativity scene; there are so many beautiful versions from which to choose. Certainly I have used prints of famous paintings, but sometimes I’ve been drawn by the simplicity of more modern representational art.

Some years, as I recall in 2001, I felt an urgency to let a white dove represent my deeply felt beliefs. I’ve found a couple of other ways to express both my religious beliefs and my hopes for peace on this earth. One year I sent a whole wreath of doves, and last year I sent a lovely Christmas tree that was decorated with doves. I also enjoy using religious Christmas cards that picture angels. It’s my little way of sending the reminder that “angels are among us.”

Although I’m not trying to tell others what beliefs they should hold or how they should worship, it’s important to me to express my faith in my daily life. One way for me to do that at Christmas is to choose religious cards celebrating the birth of Christ and wishing peace to everyone.