Add a Personal Touch to Your Greeting Cards With Signatures

Sending greeting cards has been a time honored tradition for centuries. It is always such a delight to send and receive cards with good wishes for a special occasion or even just because. Now with all the modern day advancements in printing, you can take the personal touch to a whole new level.

Most businesses take advantage of the customization process by having a thought out greeting and their company name printed in their cards whether it be for the holidays, birthdays or anniversaries. Did you know you can also have your own signatures printed inside of your greeting cards? The signatures will give your greeting cards a much more personal touch.

After placing an order for 500 birthday cards, it can be a daunting project to have everyone in the office sign each card. Now you can place your order and request a signature layout. You will receive a mockup of the inside of your card including your greeting and your custom imprint. Everyone can sign this piece of paper just one time. You scan it then email it back. Your customization will be manufactured.

All of your greeting cards will then be imprinted with not just the greeting and customization but also with everyone’s signature. It is an easy way to put your personal touch on your greeting cards without the stress of having to physically sign each cards.

10 thoughts on “Add a Personal Touch to Your Greeting Cards With Signatures”

  1. Having the signatures printed on the cards is a game changer. We used to spend weeks signing them all and people would get smudges everywhere.

  2. I had the signatures added in foil last year for the first time. I was nervous at first but WOW did they look good.

  3. What a time saver – The Gallery Collection does an amazing job with signatures! I highly recommend this option.

  4. Really cool feature. They come out so nice without wasting time passing around hundreds of cards to sign.

  5. I received a Welcome card with signatures of all my trainers on the first day of work. At first the thought of having imprinted signatures were impersonal but when I looked at the beautiful foil, I instantly felt the effort put into placing an order for a nice card such as this!

  6. What a great idea for businesses! The signatures give it a personal touch and come out looking super!

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