April Fool’s Day at the Office

April fool’s day at the office can either be a great day or a horrible day. Clearly if all of the pranks are being played on you then maybe your day won’t be so great. If you are the prankster on April Fool’s Day, the day is full of happy anticipation and laughter. Here are some great jokes to play on your fellow coworker:

  • Moving everything in their office or cube by an inch or two. They won’t notice the difference right away but something will seem off all day long or all week long!
  • Placing a clear piece of tape over the optical sensor on the bottom of their mouse. Things will be quite slow.
  • Taping the phone to the receiver in a way that they can’t see the tape. That way when they pick up the phone, the whole thing comes up. Make sure you are the one placing the call, you don’t want them to miss an important phone call.
  • Moving their lunch in the refrigerator to a different shelf. People go bananas when you touch their lunch.
  • Hit Ctrl+ALT plus an arrow directional on their computer this will make everything on their monitor upside or sideways.

These are just a few ideas, of course works comes first, but a little laughter makes everyone happier and more productive!

9 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day at the Office”

  1. My office is full of pranksters. Sometimes I want to take the day off to avoid it!

  2. Take a page from the office prank master, Jim Halpert from the office and out all their supplies in jello

  3. Another suggestion that is probably safer is to take out the gum out of a gum wrapper like juicy j’s and refold it. You can’t tell they’re empty! Offer your coworkers gum for a fun prank, then you can give them the real gum!

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