Let’s Talk Christmas Cards In July!

Wait, what? Christmas cards. . .in July?? You read that right. Here’s why you should be thinking about your Christmas cards now.

Let’s be real, events creep up on all of us. No matter how diligent we are, time passes and we lose track of it, and other things come up, and BAM the occasion is at your doorstep and you’re unprepared. Getting your cards before December ensures that you will have cards to send out this year.
Thinking about your cards early also gives you the leisure to shop around. Many card vendors have their best sales before crunch-time, so peruse throughout the year to find your best deal. Plus, there is the most selection before everyone else is thinking about their Christmas cards.

Ordering your cards early means you won’t have to splurge for expedited shipping — to you or to your recipients — and you can relax knowing that your cards will make it to their destinations on time. Not rushing also means you are less likely to forget about someone. And if you send your cards out early enough, who knows, you might receive more cards from people who might not have otherwise sent you a card. Talk about Holiday cheer!

Lastly, when you purchase your Christmas cards in the summer, you also get your brain geared toward Christmas earlier than you regularly might. This means you’ll find yourself slowly stocking up on gifts as you notice them. This will leave you with only a few more things to get as December approaches, with money to spare because many of the items you’ve gotten already were on sale (and not picked over). Score!

26 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Christmas Cards In July!”

  1. I always order my cards in the summer before the kids get back to school and things are crazy. I even start to address them so I am good to go come December. By the time I was getting things together in December it was almost too late to get the cards out so this works great for me.

  2. It is a time saver to order early. The only issue is making sure you know where you put them. I add a reminder in my phone the beginning of December that tells me where the cards are and reminds me to get them sent.

  3. You really get some nice discounts ordering early. I guess card companies get busy that time of year and like to get things out of the way themselves.

  4. Great suggestion. I am going to order early this year. You have me thinking about the holidays.

  5. Not ready for Christmas yet! I am still in summer mode. BUT I do tend to get jammed up in December so it would be very wise to order in advance and be prepared.

  6. The money to spare tip is an excellent point. I start buying Christmas gifts now (unless the return policy is limited) because I need to break up the spending.

  7. Isn’t it insane how Christmas creeps up each year? The school supplies are already out in stores and it was only JUST the fourth of July!! Give it another few weeks and Christmas trees will be in the seasonal department.

  8. Christmas cards can be a lot of work. It is good to buy early and do some at a time then mail them out.

  9. All the best discounts are before everybody’s rushing around. I always order well in advance so I have plenty of time to get my order back.

  10. Saving on shipping costs is HUGE. As the holiday season approaches, it gets way too chaotic.

  11. Such an under-rated topic! This is one of those things that people give little thought to until it’s “crunch-time.” Don’t exhaust yourself over it . . . they’re cards!

  12. The cards I love always sell-out fast! I never realized people order so early! I found out that there is a way to get my cards shipped later without an additional charge and I am so excited to try it this year! I don’t want to order in advance and then lose them!

  13. It’s the worst when you forget about someone! Last year I forgot my PARENTS of all people. My wife and I were rushing around to get the cards out, make our yearly rounds, and we had just assumed we’d already sent theirs because how could you forget your own parents. Yeesh.

  14. Being prepared is the only way to do the Holiday Season right. I’m never anything short of jolly because of it.

  15. I always stock up on gifts. But as a note, try not to do this with technology or anything ‘trendy’, because chances are a half of a year from now what’s “in” and “up-to-date” will have changed.

  16. We always order our cards in the summer. It helps us look at cards with a clear mind: we don’t have to worry about pricing, rushing to pick one, worrying it’ll go out-of-stock, or have our heads clouded with the stresses of the season. Once they’re picked, we just have to worry about making them all out as the time approaches. Part of being overly prepared is forgetting you didn’t finish your cards!

  17. I’ve been telling my son this for years! Just another way to carve unnecessary stress out of your life.

  18. We do this now. They get stuck in a box with the Christmas decorations so we don’t lose them prior to the season.

  19. It sounds pretty corny but if you buy your Christmas cards early you will have plenty of time to get them written out & stamped. No last minute rush when you’re in the middle of other holiday preparations.

  20. I always get my Christmas cards early, Thanksgiving cards, too. My method is to send out the Thanksgiving cards on my husband’s birthday, Nov. 14. And we mail the Christmas cards the day after Thanksgiving. Very simple.

  21. Get your cards early and you won’t be caught in the December mad rush. I have too much shopping and baking to get done then. That’s why I get my cards done right after the kids go back to school, when it’s finally quiet in the house.

  22. I’ve always gotten into Christmas mode by August – start my holiday shopping to break up the spending and avoid the debt. I like the idea of getting a jump on my Holiday cards. Avoiding hand cramps that come with trying to get them all done at once is a brilliant idea plus the money savings of the early discounts. I’m on-board.

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