Christmas Cards From Your Accountant

My husband and I go through all our Christmas cards as they arrive and we check them off against our list of those we have already sent cards to and then start a new list. This new list is comprised of cards we have received from people we did not send a card to and now need to reciprocate.  It seems that every year our initial list gets longer. We always have gotten enough to cover everyone in the first mailing and have a few leftover for new acquaintances.  

We started out 38 years ago sending out only about 50 cards from the local drugstore when we were first married.  But, now we are up over 125 and found it to be so much easier to have them printed with whatever we want them to say.  We actually have our signatures printed on the cards also. They look absolutely gorgeous! We even get an extra 25 as a buffer.  Our cards look so nice that many have asked us how we do it and where we get them.  We always freely share the website.

Our new accountant was impressed by our card 2 years ago and so we shared the website.  This past holiday, we got a beautiful holiday card from her today with the business information and a very professional imprint with the company name.  Who knows  maybe this year you might be getting Christmas Cards from your accountant too!

23 thoughts on “Christmas Cards From Your Accountant”

  1. You guys have awesome Industry Specific cards especially for accountants- they should have been showcased in your blog.

  2. I really like that The Gallery Collection is able to tell me which cards I’ve ordered from them before. No more repeats!

  3. We do the list too! Very methodical about our cards every year. We don’t want anyone feeling left out!

  4. Such lovely cards. Can’t wait to order this year, just need to narrow it down…..

  5. Our family loves getting holiday cards every year. We display them on our French doors and it makes a wonderful collage.

  6. Definitely trying the signatures thing this year–the reusable custom plate seems like a no-brainer for our growing company because we send (and I sign) thousands of cards each year.

  7. Wow! Gorgeous holiday cards! I like the variety and how stunning the foil ones are!

  8. I use The Gallery Collection every year for my salon. I love sending cards to local businesses and offering to display their cards if they hang up ours in their stores. We use the ‘die cut’ cards from The Gallery Collection so that everyone in town sees our shop’s name 🙂 Easy marketing!

  9. I never give my accountant a holiday card, what a thoughtful gesture! I’m stealing this idea for this year.

  10. I keep tabs, too, and update my list every year. I also check their return address when I receive a card so I know if I need to update my address book.

  11. My accountant must be really into Christmas. He sends out the best cards each year.

  12. This is a good idea. I have some professionals I have worked with for years for personal business and it is a wonderful idea to add them to the list.

  13. It helps now that I just keep a spreadsheet of addresses and can print right onto the envelopes. My hand would get such cramps when I had to write it all by hand.

  14. I have gotten cards from my accountant and also my doctor. Some professionals realize that you keep them in business and appreciate you.

  15. It amazes me how many more cards we get each year, especially from businesses we frequent. And our accountant is a family friend so he is definitely on our list 😉

  16. Hmm don’t usually think of accountants as the warm and fuzzy card sending types lol! Sure would be good for business though!

  17. Well my husband is our accountant so I guess no accountant card for us this year! He did recently start sending New Year’s cards out to his clients though.

  18. I started sending stuff for my company. I do freelance and it is a good way to get new customers.

  19. There are some really cool accountants out there! My best friend is an accountant, and he likes sending greeting cards too.

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