Gain the Competitive Edge with Business Greeting Cards

My husband’s financial management company lets him know that his business and loyalty are appreciated by sending him handsome business greeting cards every year for the holidays. His personal advisor usually adds a note and hand signs it above the company’s logo. They always wish him all things good for the coming New Year and when he receives it, the gesture reminds him that he is thought of and valued.

Law firms and insurance companies, accountants, banks and credit unions along with medical practices, hospitals and others in the health care field can all reach out to their clients and patients in a simple, inexpensive but thoughtful way. Besides using them for the holidays, greeting cards for business can be sent for birthdays and anniversaries. They can be used to offer sympathy or get well wishes, as well as to convey congratulations or a special thank you.

Sending greeting cards is a great way for small businesses to show appreciation to existing customers or appeal to potential ones. Landscapers, auto mechanics, spas and beauty salons, real estate professionals, tradesmen and suppliers can all use custom greeting cards to stay in touch with those who are important to the success of their business.

Restaurants, retailers and service industries can all keep their name in front of the public as well as make special promotional offers to their regular patrons. Schools, colleges and universities can use them to stay in contact with their students, alumni and supporters. Greeting cards for business can strengthen ties and bolster good will.

I’m sure you can think of several ways you could use them to maintain or grow your client base, or to promote your new or existing business. Today’s economy requires special measures and extra effort to gain the competitive edge. Business greeting cards are a proven tool of success for companies of all sizes.

4 thoughts on “Gain the Competitive Edge with Business Greeting Cards”

  1. I also found this to be a great idea, in this economy, a little extra effort does go a long way in fostering a business relationship. Also, be sure to send out nice cards, a little extra money doe make a big difference.

  2. That extra touch is always appreciated! Especially when its unexpected. I feel the mail is always has a surprise for me during the holidays. I love it!

  3. I think businesses that send Holiday cards stand above their competition! They make their clients feel appreciated.

  4. I love receiving cards for any occasion from anyone! Be it a business or personal, cards show you care. Especially in this day of instant, cyber everything, an actual physical card sent via snail mail requires thought and effort… a point that won’t be missed by your customers and associates.

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