Personalized Greeting Cards – Keep Your Customers Thinking of You

Sending personalized greeting cards is one of the easiest and most economical ways to keep your company name foremost in your customers’ minds. When you think about it, they are a low cost form of advertising. When you pay for advertising, you are never sure of who will actually see it or whether it will be seen at all. A greeting card actually ends up in the hand of a live person. Most of us enjoy receiving cards and will most likely hang on to them for a while. Unlike newspapers that end up in the recycle bin, greeting cards are actually displayed, so that everyone in the office can view them.

Assorted greeting cards abound these days. There are so many choices. There are cards to fit every situation. Fun, elegant, simple, feminine or masculine are just a few. There are thank you, congratulations, get well or sympathy cards and let us not forget the most popular, holiday cards. Calendar cards are another good option and are a great way to have your company name displayed every day of the year.

Personalized greeting cards can be typeset with an imprint or can be signed by hand. They can even be a combination of both. One can choose from a provided list of greetings or be creative and make up a customized greeting. Logos can be added to the card or can simply have the company name imprinted. There are so many choices and options available.

When you send a greeting card, you are letting your customers know that they are not just thought of part of the time, but that they are an important component in the success of your business. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and personalized greeting cards allow you to convey this very important message. Sending greeting cards keeps your customer in mind, but more importantly, it keeps you in the mind of your customer.

6 thoughts on “Personalized Greeting Cards – Keep Your Customers Thinking of You”

  1. I received a calendar card from one of our clients the other day. Such a great gift idea, as you get use out of the card all year long, rather than throwing out a regular card after Christmas is over. They sent it as a “Happy New Year” token of appreciation. I have it hanging in my office, and now I can look up and instantly see their phone number without searching through my messy Rolodex!

  2. I think a greeting card is a more effective advertising tool than just a flyer or an email, I agree that you will hang on to it longer than the other types of advertising, for me flyers or other types of ads usually end up in my recycle bin the same day. Not so with a personalized greeting card.

  3. I hadn’t thought of using greeting cards as a form of advertising to my current and potential clients. What a great idea – especially if it has my company name on the front or a die-cut window with my company name showing through.

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