The Gallery Collection Donates to Boston Marathon Victim Fundraiser

The Gallery Collection is pleased to announce a donation to Boston Marathon bombing victim, Heather Abbott, through a special fundraiser to be held in her honor.

The event will take place at 2pm on Sunday, April 28th at the Dockside 1 Waites Wharf in Heather’s hometown of Newport, RI. There is a $20 suggested donation for entry, and there will also be raffles, a silent auction, and live music with 100% of the proceeds going directly to a recovery fund for medical and rehabilitation costs. Heather, who sustained serious injuries to her left leg during the attack, recently underwent an operation to amputate the leg below the knee. “It will be a long road ahead for Heather, and we are hoping to relieve some of the impending financial burden by raising funds in her name,” reads the event website. “This will allow Heather to focus all of her energy on getting better.”

Boston Marathon Fundraiser Cards

In a show of support for Heather and this Sunday’s fundraiser, The Gallery Collection will be donating nearly $5,000 worth of products to support the day’s events, including a $300 gift certificate to the silent auction, thirty greeting card assortment boxes to be sold throughout the day, and 500 personalized cards that will be distributed as a thank you to all those in attendance.

“The events on April 15th in Boston were a shock to everyone,” said H.L. DeVore, Chief Marketing Officer for The Gallery Collection. “As I learned more about the individual stories of courage and heroism that occurred that day, I was particularly touched by Heather’s story. The Gallery Collection’s donation to her fundraiser is our way of providing both financial and moral support on her road to recovery, as well as being a gesture of solidarity to all the victims and those affected by that tragic day.”

For more info on Sunday’s fundraiser, visit the event Facebook page. Those wishing to donate to Heather’s recovery fund but are unable to attend the event can make a direct donation at the following website: For general donations to the Boston Marathon fund, visit the One Fund homepage.

Personalized Greeting Cards – Keep Your Customers Thinking of You

Sending personalized greeting cards is one of the easiest and most economical ways to keep your company name foremost in your customers’ minds. When you think about it, they are a low cost form of advertising. When you pay for advertising, you are never sure of who will actually see it or whether it will be seen at all. A greeting card actually ends up in the hand of a live person. Most of us enjoy receiving cards and will most likely hang on to them for a while. Unlike newspapers that end up in the recycle bin, greeting cards are actually displayed, so that everyone in the office can view them.

Assorted greeting cards abound these days. There are so many choices. There are cards to fit every situation. Fun, elegant, simple, feminine or masculine are just a few. There are thank you, congratulations, get well or sympathy cards and let us not forget the most popular, holiday cards. Calendar cards are another good option and are a great way to have your company name displayed every day of the year.

Personalized greeting cards can be typeset with an imprint or can be signed by hand. They can even be a combination of both. One can choose from a provided list of greetings or be creative and make up a customized greeting. Logos can be added to the card or can simply have the company name imprinted. There are so many choices and options available.

When you send a greeting card, you are letting your customers know that they are not just thought of part of the time, but that they are an important component in the success of your business. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and personalized greeting cards allow you to convey this very important message. Sending greeting cards keeps your customer in mind, but more importantly, it keeps you in the mind of your customer.

Customer Reviews of Gallery Collection Greeting Cards – Wow!

Ever want to know what your customers REALLY think of you? Well, after recently opening ourselves up to Reseller Reviews we have found out! And you know what? We are so glad we did! Seriously, we were blown away at what we have read. For a company whose employees take true pride in providing a top quality product and delivering amazing customer service here at The Gallery Collection, you might understand that some of these reviews actually brought a tear to our collective eyes.

So without further ado, here is what some of our customers have to say about our Christmas cards and All-Occasion greeting cards (no editing of responses or timeline were done) and here is what we have to say back to them…

5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-17-2011

“My experience with Gallerycollection has been excellent. Great products and speedy delivery. “

Gallery Collection: Thank you! Providing our customers with excellent product and service is what we strive for.


5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-16-2011

“Gallery Collection has a fabulous assortment of cards. Our company has ordered these cards for birthdays, congratulations, sympathy, anniversaries, get well, and thank yous. I am pleased at the high quality and brilliant colored designs. People are always honored to receive them.”

Gallery Collection: Wow! That was so nice! We are so pleased that you are pleased.


5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-15-2011

“The Gallery Collection never disappoints us. This is the fifth year we’ve ordered our Company holiday cards from Gallery, and we find the artistry to be inspired and the production quality flawless. We also appreciate the significant discount offered us every year for ordering early. Every business in America should be this well managed and operated. Thanks for a very valued service. “

Gallery Collection: @chilmarkcharle we were blown away by your review. We couldn’t ask for anything better. Many thanks for your kind words.


5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-14-2011

“We had not ordered in 5 years and none of the previous order information was on file in our offices. I went on line and found the cards that we needed being featured in a 50% discount + $75 off sale. I entered the order information online and submitted it. I received a confirmation email regarding the order. I was unsure about the artwork due to the time between orders. Phyllis called me within a day or two of the order to inform me that the logo was not on file and that I would have to re-submit it. She was very professional. She left exact instructions for what I needed to do. We kept missing each other on the phone, but we communicated by messages. I told her that I had a $200 budget and would need to switch the shipping rate to compensate for the cost for the logo. She found the best rate for me and kept my bill under budget. This was a very pleasant shopping experience. I will choose to continue doing business with this company. “

Gallery Collection: That is terrific to hear. We are glad that our customer service representative, Phyllis, was able to help you with your budget considerations. We are here to serve and keep our customers happy and provide that “very pleasant shopping experience” each and every time!


5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-14-2011

“The website was easy to manipulate and the products were displayed beautifully………….”

Gallery Collection: Super. We work hard to make our website as user friendly as possible. 🙂

A Very Special Personalized Greeting Card

My Mother passed away recently so I had a few of her personal things I packed in boxes to go through at a less emotional time. Mom loved sending personalized greeting cards to family and friends. She had a greeting card for every occasion. It was a ritual for her to go to the store to buy cards all the time. She would always say it makes a person feel special to receive a card, and it was uncanny how she could whip out a card if you needed one for any occasion. As I was going through her things I found some greeting cards she had carefully put away. I came across an envelope addressed to her sister. I carefully opened the unsealed envelope and came across a lovely personalized birthday card she had gotten for her sister’s birthday, which was still a month away.

The personalized birthday card expressed how lucky she was to have her as a sister. It was so touching it brought tears to my eyes. I said to myself, wow she took the time to address and sign the card months ahead so it was up to me to deliver it to my aunt. I mailed the birthday card two days before her birthday and it did arrive exactly on that day. My aunt called me that evening to tell me about her special birthday card.

She was feeling down that morning thinking of her sister not being here to share the day with her as they’ve done in past years. She went to get her mail which came earlier than usual, and when she went through the mail and saw the card addressed in her sister’s handwriting she thought, “How could that be?” She opened the card and read the final loving words sent by her sister for her birthday. She told me how wonderful she felt and the birthday card just made her entire day because she did spend her birthday with her sister after all, and she will cherish her last birthday card from my Mom until they see each other again someday. My Mother was so right when she said “a greeting card of any kind will always make a person feel special.”

Personalized Greeting Cards for the People who Matter Most

Personalized greeting cards, such as birthday cards, get well cards, and sympathy cards, can be taken for granted. But I can tell you from first-hand experience how important these greeting cards can be.

Losing a loved one can be such a tremendously devastating time. Not that sympathy cards can make this tragedy any easier, but to know that people are thinking of you and your family and are taking the time out in their busy day to buy and send cards can make a sad day a little better.

Get well cards can also make big difference in how you feel and how quickly you recover. Not to long ago I was out of work for approximately four months. I have to tell you that there was not one day of those four months that I did not receive a card in the mail from my co-workers, family, or friends. It was the highlight of my day to walk to the mailbox and find a new card. Most of the time they were funny get well cards, and laughter is great medicine.
In this economy it is often hard to buy presents for all the people we would like. However birthday cards can be a great way of telling friends and family that you are thinking about them and wishing them well on their special day.

Moral of the story – don’t hesitate to send different kinds of personalized greetings cards to all the people who matter most to you. Donates Personalized Greeting Cards to Gilda’s Club Northern New Jersey

We’ve recently made a very special donation of 12,000 personalized greeting cards to Gilda’s Club Northern New Jersey. For those of you who may not know, Gilda’s Club is named in honor of comedienne, Gilda Radner, who died in 1989 after battling ovarian cancer for several years. Radner was an advocate of community support for those living with cancer, and so the Gilda’s Club was established as a place where people who’ve been touched by this cruel disease can share and learn how to help themselves by helping others.

Our donation consists of 23 different greeting card designs appropriate for numerous types of occasions: sympathy, thinking of you, all occasion, thank you, birthday, season’s greetings, get well, and anniversary. Below are some of the designs we’ve donated:

236AY 660AY 619AY

210AR 662AY 620AY

381CW 327AY 599AE

Gilda’s Club Northern New Jersey will have the 23 different designs on display in their clubhouse in Hackensack. Anyone who makes a donation will be given the option to send a card to a family member or friend whose life has been affected by cancer.

If you’re interested in making a donation or finding out how to get involved with Gilda’s Club Northern New Jersey and the organization’s numerous cancer support programs, please visit:

Birthday Cards, Jars, and Teddy Bears

I had never considered myself a creative, crafty person. But years ago, I was planning a party for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I wanted to have party decorations and favors. With entertainment funds low, I went through my collection of “rainy day stuck in the house when we’re really bored this stuff will have a use” box. In there I found material scraps not big enough to make anything with…feather boas, lace, ribbons, and about 12 small stuffed teddy bears that I bought for ten cents each at a clearance sale, plus many jars of various shapes and sizes. That box also contained numerous personalized greeting cards that I had saved because the pictures were so pretty.

The box held birthday cards, thank you cards, holiday cards, and a few note cards that a charity had sent me in the mail. (Yes, I did send a donation!) I set everything out on the kitchen table and thought, “There has to be a party here somewhere!” I left out all of the pieces for a while, wondering what I would do. I’d look and walk away, look and walk away…hoping to have an epiphany. This went on for a couple of hours and finally the light bulb went off!

Girls love teddy bears, boas, ribbons and lace. I took a bear and gingerly pulled off its head, arms, and legs (It was more painful for me than him, I assure you). I took out my hot glue gun and attached the head to the lid of a jar. Then I placed the arms on the sides of the jar. And lastly, I glued the legs to the sides near the bottom of the jar. I shaped pieces of material into a party hat trimmed with ribbon and lace and wrapped a boa around the bear’s neck. My creation was really starting to look great!

Next, I took some of the birthday cards and thank you cards and cut out the words “thank you” and “happy birthday.” I glued the text to toothpicks and placed the signs in the bear’s hands.

I filled the jars with wrapped candies, and each girl who came to the party left with a teddy bear jar. These made the most memorable party favors. After the party, I got so many compliments on the favors that I started making clown jars and giving them as gifts.

I no longer need a “rainy day box” but I do still save my greeting cards in another crafty creation. Using a cardboard shoe box, I cut and pasted the fronts of birthday cards and thank you cards onto the box. The greeting cards turned a plain old box into a beautiful storage container. I even store my photos in these homemade greeting cards boxes, too.

Anyone need a jar?

Sender of Greeting Cards (a.k.a. The Thoughtful One)

I’ve noticed that among our family and friends, we seem to acquire labels. Perhaps among your acquaintances, you can name the best cook or the trivia buff, the gullible one or the cynic, the non-stop talker or the shrinking violet, the athlete or the know-it-all. In my family and circle of friends, I am known as “the thoughtful one.” This actually was an easy reputation to acquire; I’m a habitual sender of personalized greeting cards. I’ve been like this since early childhood, when I carefully made my own cards with construction paper and crayons. Later, as a stay-at-home Mom with a budget as small as my tykes, I sometimes got pretty creative with my homemade greeting cards.

As interests and activities multiplied, social circles kept expanding. My siblings, cousins, and friends acquired spouses, children, and eventually, grandchildren. Even my children and their friends acquired children! Alas, time flew and before I knew it, I had at least two full-time jobs and a list of birthdays a mile long, which now also included business associates who had become friends. And let me tell you, when you’ve “spoiled” people by always remembering their birthdays, they won’t let you get away with suddenly “not remembering.”

I had long since converted from homemade to store bought cards but found my shopping trips for greeting cards to be too frequent. I even missed an occasional birthday or anniversary mailing; I just couldn’t find time for the card hunt! A few years ago, I found my solution and salvation. I now keep on hand a beautiful box of assorted birthday cards. At a glance to the calendar or on a moment’s notice, having this box of assorted greeting cards means that I’m always prepared to send off happy birthday greetings…without delay!

I also started keeping a stockpile of assorted greeting cards for other occasions so I’m always prompt with sympathy cards, thank you cards, anniversary cards, and get well cards. I even have a supply of blank note cards for when I just want to let someone know that I’ve been thinking of them.

No one suspects how easy and economical it is for me to be so thoughtful. But I’ve heard some lovely comments over the years: “You always remember,” “Every year I look forward to getting your beautiful birthday card,” “It wouldn’t seem like my birthday without getting your cheery card.” And there it is, with so many less complimentary titles that might have been applied to me, I have been labeled as “the thoughtful one.”