Why are Greeting Card Assortments a Great Gift?

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion; we find ourselves stressing on what the perfect gift would be. A greeting card assortment box is the answer to alleviate all your worries. Personally, I love to gift things that the person can either use, it’s in the person’s needs, or comes in handy. When my son graduated Kindergarten, I couldn’t think of a gift to give to his teachers other than your boring set of flowers. I decided to gift each of them a greeting card assortment box.

In the following school year, I was able to chat with my son’s kindergarten teacher and was truly pleased to find out how happy she was with her gift. It’s a gift that is not normally thought of, but it comes in handy in that last minute when you’re running out of the door to a celebration and forgot to buy a card. It comes in handy when you want to send a card to a relative or friend that may live far just to wish them well or even to send them sympathy if a tragic event ever occurred. Overall, the greeting card assortment box is a shoe win as a gift to anyone of any age and for any occasion.

6 thoughts on “Why are Greeting Card Assortments a Great Gift?”

  1. They are a great gift indeed. Cards are beautiful and very much needed in any household. So happy I’ve got three boxes this year, now I’m ready for anything!

  2. Assortment boxes have come in so handy for me. I got 3 boxes (2 bday and 1 AO) 2 years ago and I can’t tell you how many times an occasion came up where I needed to give someone a card and totally forgot about it. Thank goodness I had these handy because I was always prepped with a card ready to go for the occasion I forgot to celebrate with someone!

  3. These are the best for work because you keep them in your drawer and the only effort that needs to be put in is having the coworkers sign them. Cut out the trip to the store and standing there for half an hour trying to decide which card is appropriate for each person. The cards are better quality than the store bought ones anyway.

  4. These are absolutely a great idea and such high quality! I bought my daughters-in-law each a box for Christmas last year and they loved them!

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