Using Everyday Greeting Cards

Special occasions usually hold important places in our lives.  They are times to celebrate, spend time with those you care about, and lead to many happy memories.  Thoughtful gifts and greeting cards can become cherished items for years to come.  Sometimes, though, it is tempting to live from one holiday, birthday, or anniversary to the next without paying much attention to the time in-between.  If you think about it, that can actually seem like a terrible waste.  The vast majority of our time is spent on regular days, which often get lost in the responsibilities of daily life.  We may forget to take a look at who we really are and what and who really matter to us in the course of normal life. 

However, there is no reason to merely exist and subsist and reserve true joy or meaningful interaction with others until a social event.  Why not let those people you care about know it more often than not?  A thoughtful way to express yourself is by simply giving a greeting card.  The act of selecting, possibly writing, and signing a greeting card doesn’t take much time or effort, but it has the capacity to resonate with someone.  I can’t remember a time when I received a greeting card and was disappointed.  Everyday Cards aren’t only reserved for special occasions.  They can be given for everyday events like wishing a child well on their test at school, thanking a parent for their insightful advice, or congratulating a co-worker on putting out that pesky popcorn inferno you ignited in the break room microwave.  Everyday cards should be used every day.  If you have something to say, feel free to say it with a greeting card. 

6 thoughts on “Using Everyday Greeting Cards”

  1. I love these cards! So easy to be everybody’s best friend when you send one out once in a while)

  2. These cards came in handy for a last minute thank you or goodbye card. I got the assortment box with the fine art cards and they are so helpful to have in the office at work.

  3. I love to send Every day greeting cards to my friends, family members, and co-workers when they least expect it. They appreciate it so much more when they receive one without it being a holiday. I agree, Every day cards should be used every day to brightens up one’s day!

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