Holiday Cards: Should Your Business Send Them?

I remember when I use to check the mail in the morning as a kid. I’d shuffle through envelopes as if I had important mail coming, but I never had any mail for me. It wasn’t like I was paying the bills. I just liked sorting through mail; don’t ask me why. I’d look through it and anything with my dad’s name went into his pile, mail with my mom’s name went into hers, etc. I was basically the in house mail sorter. I thought I had their mail all figured out until companies began to send them huge calendars and Christmas cards. They were interesting because they usually would send them around the holiday time. They always caught my eye with all the cool Thanksgiving and Christmas designs, and some even had the companies’ names printed on them which stood out even more. One day, my mom was helping me sort through the mail and I remember her saying about one of the holiday calendar cards, “you always need these calendars around and I might need this to get the info about the company who sent it.” So, if you’re a small local company on the rise or an internationally known business with thousands of locations,  does sending Holiday Cards make sense? I would emphatically say yes.

I know some may say no because people will receive them in the mail and simply toss them. But, I have come to believe it is more than worth it to send out holiday cards. This is a chance for new customers to learn about your business or spark their interest in you. Of course, some will be thrown out, but there’s a better chance of people who won’t and will need your services. They will be more likely to contact you instead of the competitor who didn’t pay to have those cards made and sent out, since they have your info at the ready.

So yes, sending out holiday cards are one of those decisions you weigh out the pros and cons on. But personally, I feel they are more than worth the effort because I can potentially make new clients in the process. New customers will have all my contact info I’ll have new business along with new friends to enjoy the holiday season with. It’s a no brainer for me. 

3 thoughts on “Holiday Cards: Should Your Business Send Them?”

  1. People just don’t send cards as much as they used to so it really makes you appreciate it more when you do receive one.

  2. The Gallery Collection’s calendar cards are the best! They are of such beautiful quality, they will surely be hung on the wall all year long for people to notice!

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