Get Well Cards Rescue the Sale

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I am a senior salesperson who had a really positive experience with Get Well cards.  In November, I was pursuing a lead for a new account.  My contact for the potential business was the CIO.  We had been to lunch a few times and I started feeling like the new deal could be mine.  I sell software which monitors network activity and it is pretty pricey.  Every deal is a potential huge deal for me.  When I called the CIO’s Executive Assistant to confirm our next appointment she told me that Dan, the CIO, would be unable to meet me on the scheduled date.  Startled, I asked whether Dan simply didn’t want to pursue the deal with me any further and she replied, “It’s not that.  Dan is in the hospital having bypass surgery”.   I hung up disappointed and dejected because not only was the deal off, but I felt I had been building a good relationship with the CIO and certainly did not like hearing that he was ill.

Obviously sending flowers to the hospital or visiting was entirely inappropriate considering that this was a business relationship with someone I only gotten to know two months ago.  I decided then that I should send a business get well card to at least express my hopes for his speedy recovery and return.   The get well card went off in the mail and I forgot about the lost deal as several months went by.  Then, in January I got a phone call from you know who!  It was Dan, back at work and ready to pick up our conversation.    A few days later we went out to lunch to discuss the deal and Dan said, “You know, there were 5 competitors out to get this sale and not one of them was as thoughtful as you.  As soon as I received your card I knew we’d be doing business together.”  I can happily report that Dan is feeling much better, the sale was made and I can thank  business get well cards for sealing the deal!

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Daniela January 17, 2012 at 11:24 am

That’s great! That little extra touch always makes a difference. Glad you got the sale!

Marcella January 17, 2012 at 4:57 pm

Good thinking-you never know how one act of kindness will be rewarded in the future. You deserved the sale by showing Dan that it wasn’t his business you were after but you sincerely wished him well.

Edmund Brown January 18, 2012 at 5:15 pm

It just shows that the old adage still holds true: “You never go wrong doing the right thing.” You showed decency and the businessman showed a tremendous amount of integrity.

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