Change of Scenery – Outdoor Business Meetings

Outdoor business meetings? Really!? That is such a crazy idea. Or at least that was my first thought. But just think about. With the weather beginning to turn, how great it would be to ditch the stuffy office and fluorescent lighting for fresh air and warmth from the sun?

Think about trying this for your next business meeting. A change of scenery may be the thing to shake out the cobwebs and get your employees to come up with some new and innovative ideas.   Changing scenery by going outdoors has the same effect as if you are recharging your battery. You will get out of that stuffy office and get your staff’s blood pumping.

I know when I go outside, I feel an immediate sense of relaxation and stress relief. The results of this make me more creative and more proactive. It makes it easier to concentrate and simply makes me happier. Why wouldn’t you want this for your employees?

If your staff is more relaxed, they may even feel a little more courageous about giving input or suggestions. They may talk more from their hearts and give you more effectual feedback. Outdoor business meetings will make your employees more energetic and more engaged.

The benefits of a change of scenery for your business meetings are abundant. Bring your staff outdoors for a productive business meeting.

10 thoughts on “Change of Scenery – Outdoor Business Meetings”

  1. So long as there are no BUGS, I’m all for it – said the not so outdoorsy person…

  2. I remember back in high school and college we used to have class outside, it was amazing to see sunlight and breathe in fresh air, but the productivity level was not that good haha

  3. Agreed! In college, my one class was mainly in an office going over the assignment and can drag. One day when we had our print outs (which is what we would be discussing that whole class) and the professor just said to gather our things to follow her outside, which is where we had a MORE productive day where everyone talked. Especially the usual people who just sit and listen and don’t normally chime in. Very great experience

  4. I love this idea! It will be wonderful to get outside after being cooped up in the office for so long. Everyone loves to be outside and feel the breeze. It definitely feels more relaxing and everyone will be in a great mood with a change of scenery.

  5. With the Covid19 these days we could go back to work and have outdoor meetings 6 ft apart.
    Bring your own chair and coffee! This would be a treat!

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