Should I Use Embossed Foil Seals For My Greeting Cards

You’ve carefully selected your cards, customized them to your heart’s delight, and you are ready to mail them out in your pristine envelopes. As you are considering finishing touches for your cards, you might want to look at purchasing seals for your envelopes. Each pack contains 50 metallic seals in your choice of gold foil or silver foil. These seals match seamlessly with the foil lining of envelopes that come with The Gallery Collection’s holiday cards and other greeting cards. It is such a classy finishing touch, reminiscent of old-fashioned niceties like sealing cards with a wax stamp. These seals are embossed, giving your card a raised element which makes the card feel more personalized. They are easy to apply, you just peel and stick them! And the adhesive is strong enough to keep your envelopes closed. Each quality seal is 1-1/4” in diameter. The gold and silver both boast a bright, metallic shine. This beauty is only elevated by the intricate pattern on every seal—indicative of royalty—informing your recipient that this is a message of utmost importance. Make any occasion feel grand with a pack of metallic foil seals.

7 thoughts on “Should I Use Embossed Foil Seals For My Greeting Cards”

  1. These seals are so elegant and beautiful and they complement every envelope!
    Thank you for considering every aspect to make our loved ones feel special. Such a small detail accentuates the whole card.

  2. The foil seals look beautiful on the cards. Definitely makes your cards stick out from the rest.

  3. It is worth the little bit extra. They make an impression before you even open the envelope.

  4. You may not think these seals are necessary, but they are well worth the minimal cost, as they really add a sophisticated, classy touch to your cards! Your recipients will be beyond impressed!

  5. I just got my seals, both silver and gold. They add such a nice, elegant touch to the already high quality cards. I agree that they are reminiscent of the old fashion seals, which is my favorite part.

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