Why We Love Card Assortments  And You Should Too

When your friend at work tells you she is going out to dinner with her husband tonight and you make small talk about where and what for, you suddenly find out it is her BIRTHDAY tomorrow! Yowza! How could you have forgotten that!

It seems like just last month was her last birthday.  I guess it feels that way for all of us sometimes.  Often in your life you are just too busy after work to make another stop to get that card you know you really need.  Remembering to get that birthday card has now become a major nuisance!  It is a good idea to keep a few greeting cards on hand so that when an acquaintance at work lets you know it’s their birthday tomorrow or someone else is with the company an anniversary year, you are prepared.

Even one time there was a lottery winner! That called for a congratulations card!  And when a baby is born, Grandma is so proud.  When it’s time to celebrate someone or something you just might have an appropriate card on hand, and not have to run out.  This is why here at my office we love card assortments, and you should too! 

Card Assortment Boxes Make Things Easy

Have you ever been at a work Christmas party in the past and people you did not think would give you a Christmas card…end up giving you a Christmas card?  How dare those terrible people do something nice that you did not expect!  I have been in that situation before being a veteran of many, many Christmases over the years.  Let me tell you this; I do not have that issue anymore.  I purchased a Holiday Assortment Box  and now I no longer have to fear the niceties of people.

Do not just stop there.  You can get yourself a Birthday Assortment Box as well.  Perfect for the office.  You do not want to give the same card out to people as birthdays come along.  It looks impersonal to do that.  Get a box that has multiple choices so you can vary it up throughout the year.  People will smile and you will smile in the back of your mind knowing that you cared enough to get that person to smile.  There is this thing called karma and you want to be on the right side of it as much as you can.  All in all these are two simple ways to make people happy and to get rid of the extra frustration that could creep up if you do not have cards handy.