Cheap Christmas Cards Can Leave A Bad Impression

I have the privilege of working for The Gallery Collection, one of the top greeting card companies in the country. I feel we produce the most beautiful, dazzling Christmas cards, and the results are truly eye catching. I have always been entranced with the array of color found in things that sparkle, and these cards are all of this and more.

Cheap Christmas Cards Leave a Bad Impression

In my travels during the holiday season, several years ago, I visited a few offices in another state. I remember noticing how their greeting cards were displayed around the room. Some were taped to the wall, and others were hung on a piece of string. If the greeting cards are of high quality, they truly stand out amongst the other not so pretty cards. Cheap Christmas cards can leave a bad impression, and find there way to the bottom of the pile so to speak. Companies that purchase “high end” cards will have a lasting impression from the card sender, and perhaps develop future business all because of an eye catching Christmas card. On the 2 office visits, I spotted cards immediately which were designed by my company. I actually felt a sense of happiness and pride to see our company’s classy cards up front and center!