In this age of instantaneous communication, it might seem like there is no need to send a personal Thank You Card to anyone anymore.  Surprisingly enough, there are many scenarios, both personal and business, for which this is still appropriate – and even expected.  The question is, who to send them to and when.

Below are the top scenarios for which this show of appreciation is still warranted and also appreciated by the recipient, along with guidelines for when to send the Thank You Card.

Gifts Received

  • Send within 6 weeks after receipt of the gift (sooner is better).


  • Gifts received at an event that you host or is held in your honor.
  • Gifts received in acknowledgement of a major life event.
  • Gifts given by guests who could not attend and could not be thanked in person.


Birthday · Anniversary · Engagement · Retirement · Graduation · Bridal Shower ·Wedding ·

Baby Shower · Birth of Baby · Baptism · Communion · Bar/Bat Mitzvah ·Confirmation · Congratulations · Housewarming · Surprise Party · Gifts received during an illness ·

Condolence Notes/Gifts

Kindness/Show of Appreciation

  • Best to send within a few days of the kindness you have received, but can be sent up to 2 weeks later. Beyond that time-frame, the sentiment will lose some impact.


  • A favor from a friend or neighbor such as pet sitting, house sitting, transportation, errands, etc.
  • After a hospital stay, to thank a nurse or doctor who went above and beyond.
  • To thank an exceptional teacher or babysitter.

Thank the Host/Hostess

  • Best when sent within a few days after the occasion, but best if sent no more than 2 weeks later.


  • A friend’s dinner party
  • An extended visit at someone’s home

Employment Search

  • Best when sent within 1 day of the interview, but no more than 2-3 days later.


  • Not necessarily required, but definitely recommended.
  • Shows the interviewer that you have manners and reinforces your interest in the position.
  • Makes you stand out from the competition (most people do not send them).
  • Puts your name in front of the interviewer again.
  • Should be sent to each person who interviews you.

Business Thank You Cards

  • Should be sent within 5 business days after the event or action you wish to acknowledge, but no more than 10 business days (2 weeks) later. Sooner is always better.


  • After meeting with a prospective new customer.
  • After a customer places their first order.
  • In appreciation of a customer’s continued business.
  • To a customer who has been patient in a difficult situation.
  • To the host of a business meeting or conference you were invited to and attended.

There may be many other reasons to send a hand-written Thank You Card.  The point is, there is really no reason not to take the initiative to show your appreciation to another person.  So go ahead!  Be creative, be appreciative, and send a beautiful Thank You Card.  It will be well-received!

A Thank You Card Favor for my Persuasive Daughter

I was on my way to CVS the other day to pick up a few things when I got a phone call about, believe it or not, a thank you card or more specifically company thank you cards. Now normally when I’m driving I don’t even answer my cell phone, good driver and law-abiding citizen that I am. But the caller ID told me that it was my lovely daughter on the other end. I knew that if I didn’t answer she would keep on calling until I did. If anything, she’s persistent. So I reluctantly answered my phone.

She wanted to know if I could do her “a little favor.” After quietly muffling a groan, I told her that I only had about 20 minutes to spare since I had to meet my sister for lunch. “No problem” she says. “This will only take a few minutes.” How many times have I heard that one before? Nothing ever takes a few minutes. When you live in Northern Jersey it could take you 45 minutes to go 2 miles on Route 80 when one of those tractor trailers overturns like they do a gazillion times a month. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the daughter…like the time she asked me for a ride to pick up her car at the body shop. “It will only take a few minutes.” One hour and 17 minutes later we pulled into the body shop. But I digress.

Back to the phone call: “OK” I said, trying not to sound too annoyed. “What do you want?” She says. “Remember my client, the guy with the bad toupee and the breath to match?” “How could I forget him?” I say. “Well,” she says, “He just sent an awesome gift basket to my boss to thank us for all the help we’ve been to him. I want to send him a really nice thank you card and it would be great to have a supply of greeting cards on hand for all our clients. So I was thinking, could you pick me up a few thank you cards at CVS or better yet, could you order a box of company thank you cards from your company for my boss? Your greeting cards are really terrific and I know that my boss will be impressed when he sees them.” (Boy, can she lay it on heavy when she wants something!) “Sure!” I said “That’s a great idea, very thoughtful, not to mention the brownie points for you. Is that all?” I asked, finding it hard to believe I got off that easy. “Well,” she says, “Now that you mention it, could you pick up my dry cleaning? It will only take you a few minutes.” Arghh!!!