A Corporate Game-Changer: Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving cards are often over looked by businesses and this is a mistake. Oftentimes companies focus all of their efforts on Holiday cards each year, but why not try a new approach? Thanksgiving cards can be a fresh way to engage your clients, business contacts, and vendors.

Thanksgiving cards are a great way to send your company’s thanks and show gratitude. Since it’s before the holiday rush, and near Black Friday, this is a great time to send coupons or promotions for your products and services. Use a corporate-appropriate Thanksgiving card to send out special offers to certain clients or to advertise upcoming sales or releases.

Sending Thanksgiving cards is also perfect because of the timing. It is a great time to send a card seeing as your recipients won’t have over-flowing mailboxes yet. Your thoughtful card will stand out for sure and won’t be as likely to get tossed.

Show your appreciation with a beautiful card like the Harvest Wreath on Door Thanksgiving Card. This card is elegant and also offers you the chance to personalize the front of it with a personal message or company name. If your client displays their card, you’ll be getting a nice bit of advertising as well. Now that’s something to be thankful about!

Business Thanksgiving Cards – The New Trend In Holiday Cards

Our business received several nice quality business Thanksgiving cards to kick off this holiday season, many proudly displaying the sending companies’ logos. I glanced at the back of the card with the nicest design and it happened to be from The Gallery Collection. I was intrigued as to the cost, so I visited their website and was surprised to find very reasonable prices. Each card costs less than a cup of coffee, and I was pleased to learn how inexpensive it is to have the company logo included.

I think it’s a good idea to send business holiday cards, but its genius to send company Thanksgiving cards! This year more than ever companies need to “giving thanks” to their customers for their continued business! It is important to thank our customers and clients and what better way than with nice quality Thanksgiving cards. Plus, business holiday cards seem to make a bigger impression when you send them around Thanksgiving just because you don’t get as many in November as you do in December. It’s like getting a jump on the competition. In my opinion your customers are more likely to remember your company name if you send them Thanksgiving cards ahead of the many other cards they will receive in the next month for the holiday season.