Business Birthday Cards to Boost Morale

A fact of life is that we all get older. As much as we like to avoid the aging process, it is inevitable. That being said, as long as we are having a birthday, we may as well celebrate another year of life. We get that from family and friends and it gives us a lift. However, since we spend almost one third of our lives working it is nice to be acknowledged when we are on the job. Business Birthday Cards can be a morale booster.

Imagine being an employee coming to work on their birthday, they are dragging a little with the added year and suddenly they see a card on their desk. They open the birthday card and it’s from the company wishing them a fabulous birthday. Can you see the smile on their face? You have just lifted the spirits of your employee and made them feel appreciated. For you to remember their birthday will increase their morale for longer than just that one day.

Another scenario is business associates. You deal with many people when conducting business. So whether the person is a client or a customer, they will really appreciate you taking the time to send greetings to them on their birthday. It says you care about the people you deal.

Business birthday cards are an asset to any company. They raise the morale of employees which in turn increases their level of commitment to doing a good job. They also increase the probability of having repeat customers. A business that cares – succeeds.

Birthday Party Themes for a Coworker

Most companies celebrate a coworkers Birthday with the traditional card that’s signed by coworkers, a cake, maybe some snacks, and on those special birthdays ending with an zero (you know those), you may receive balloons or flowers if you share the magic number with your coworkers.

Why not think outside the box and do something fun & unexpected by having a Birthday Party Theme for a coworker.

Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with the traditional card giving, & cake to celebrate ones big day but, how fun would it be to decorate the birthday persons cubicle with a theme based on their favorite hobby, last vacation, favorite sport, or base the theme around a holiday that falls in their birthday month.

Go ahead, throw a themed office birthday celebration and see the surprised reaction from the birthday coworker.

Here’s just a few ideas to decorate a coworkers birthday cubicle.

All the decorations can be found at a party supply or $1.00 store.

  • HAWAIIAN LUAU THEME: Leis, grass skirt, tiki drinking mugs, palm trees, beachcomber straw hat, little umbrellas to put into your drinks (non- alcoholic).
  • WESTERN THEME: Cowboy boots, cowboy hat, vest, bandana to tie around the neck, so little horses to place on the desk, and a lasso.
  • SPORTS THEME: Baseball, football, basketball, soccer, golf, and hockey.
  • MARDI GRAS: Lots of beads & feathers, masks, in the traditional colors of yellow, purple & green.
  • CASINO: cards, dice, casino chips, fake bills, coins, a little slot machine & roulette table.
  • BEACH THEME: Sunglasses, flip flops, sand, plastic fish & sharks, beach balls, shells & star fish, maybe even a little goldfish bowl placed on the desk.