Customer Satisfaction Is #1 Priority

When dealing with customers, it is important to note that your interaction will leave a lasting impression on them. The impression that you leave with a customer can last for a day, a week, a month, or even a year, and is also very imperative to the business or company that you represent.

If you treat a customer with respect and go beyond their expectations in customer satisfaction, not only will you leave the customer satisfied, you will also leave a great impression for yourself and the business. Providing excellent customer service will also have a domino effect because satisfied customers will recommend your service and your business to other individuals which in turn will cause more customers to purchase the products that your business provides.

Bad customer service can also have a domino effect too because if a customer feels unsatisfied then he/she can provide negative feedback to other individuals. This negative feedback can very detrimental to your employment and also to the business. Overall, proving positive customer service should be your number one priority no matter where you work because it leaves a positive lasting impression on the customer which will ultimately provide positive reviews for both you and the business.

Business Christmas Cards and Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service at a business Christmas cards company could be daunting, especially during November and December. At The Gallery Collection it is not just our job; it is a career! We are part of a larger family that truly means it when we say, “Customer satisfaction is our priority.” This has been our objective for 90 years!

Many of our customer service representatives have been working with The Gallery Collection for over 15 years. It can be a challenge at times but our reps are empowered to make their own decisions when speaking with a customer. This empowerment shows in the confidence they have on the phone. It also is recognized by customers. We often get feedback from our customers, and I wanted to take a moment to share some of our customers’ comments with you. Recent, the following has been said about our reps:

  1. “Above & beyond in product and service. Unique cards, perfect service! Overall outstanding.”
  2. “Everything was wonderful. Thanks for making my job easier.”
  3. “Very satisfied with your company. You go out of your way to help customers.”
  4. “With the courteous, friendly ready to assist attitude that your excellent telephone representatives have, my order was handled quickly and was received in a week. Thank you for employing such loyal employees that give complete customer satisfaction.”
  5. “The representative was patient and professional regardless of how many times I asked the same question.”
    “Your service has been outstanding – just continue.”
  6. “I was extremely pleased with the sales rep who helped me with my re-order. She was very kind and extremely patient and understanding.”
  7. “I was pleasantly surprised by such wonderful customer service, which is RARE in today’s world. Thank you so very much.”
  8. “Very prompt and courteous service. I appreciate the samples. Seems we request a lot, but we order from The Gallery Collection because of service & quality. Thanks.”

People rarely take the time to comment on a job well done but they recognize that customer service today is rare at best. Our long-time customers have come to expect superb service when they call The Gallery Collection. Our new customers are amazed at the service provided. Very often they will ask to speak with a supervisor, not with a complaint, but wanting to recognize the representative that helped them. They want to tell someone how impressed they are with the way their call was handled. We recognize that they are spending extra time on the phone with us during what may be a busy day for them to say a job was well done.

We are only human so mistakes can happen, but we are able to take care of those calls knowing that when we say that the problem will be corrected in a timely manner, that promise is backed up by the loyal employees at our plant. They may not be mentioned in customer letters but their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in every order that is produced.

Kudos to all of our phone personnel for a job well done and to all our other dedicated employees for the efforts they put forth to satisfy our customers and make our job a pleasure. Due to the dedication of all of our employees, we can say with confidence that our Christmas cards are the best quality and each order will be handled with the care that it deserves.