Why Proper Grammar is Key in Letter Writing

There complementary desert is grater than hearse. Their complimentary dessert is greater than hers. The first sentence states that there exists a matching area of arid land that functions as an implement that grates in some unidentifiable relation to a vehicle that transports those who have passed away. The second sentence states that someone’s free cake tastes better than someone else’s cake. I believe these two sentences clearly illustrate the undeniable and unquestionable importance of grammar.

Perhaps you are not convinced. All grammatical errors are not as blatant as the above, and you may feel it is perfectly fine to ignore some rules of grammar once in a while. You might want to have your complimentary cake and eat it, too. Resist that temptation. Grammar is not meant to be a tedious set of rules. Its function is to assist in the accurate and coherent expression of thoughts and ideas. Certain forms of communication rely more heavily on grammar than others. In particular, proper grammar is key in letter writing. This is the case for many reasons, two of which are listed below.

Perceived Intelligence – Whether it is fair or not, most people judge the intelligence of others based upon the quality of their writing. An individual may be ignored or dismissed despite their intelligence simply because of poor grammar.

Meaningful Communication – Ideas, beliefs, and thoughts only exist outside oneself if they can be properly communicated. Faulty grammar hinders true expression as it can serve to frustrate or confuse the letter reader who may, in turn, abandon the letter without ever grasping its inherent value.

5 Grammar Mistakes You Might Be Making On Your Business Christmas Cards

All companies want to put their best foot forward when sending Business Christmas Cards; the cards are chosen carefully, the best card stock, the best embossing and foil but if there are grammatical mistakes, all is ruined. Remember all of the times you receive an email or letter and the grammar is atrocious, your reaction is, “oh my, didn’t they read this before sending?” well proof reading also applies to Corporate Christmas Cards.
Here are five of the most common grammatical mistakes:

  • Season’s Greetings is correct not Seasons Greetings – use an apostrophe.
  • However, there is no apostrophe after a family’s last name for example, The Wards is correct The Ward’s is not.
  • Please write Happy New Year, not Happy New Year’s or Happy New Years, this even sounds wrong.
  • The word Christmas should always be capitalized, but the word merry should not be capitalized unless you are starting the line with the greeting “Merry Christmas.” If merry falls in the middle of a sentence, it should not be capitalized.
  • When writing a message in your Corporate Christmas Card please remember that it is correct to say “The Board of Directors and I wish you a…” not “The Board of Directors and me wish you a…”

Asking someone to proof read your Business Christmas Cards may seem silly but sending out the “wrong message” is even sillier.