Without Personalized Christmas Cards it just Wouldn’t be the Same

What if there was no such thing as sending out personalized Christmas cards? You’d have no personal messages from family and friends; no winter scene artwork to decorate your home with; and no pictures of your loved ones to place on your mantle.

Holiday cards have such a way of bringing a smile to your face as you open each envelope and look to see who thought of you. It’s also great to sit down and write out messages to family and friends who you may not have seen in years…and the ones you saw last week! So even though you’d still have your holiday parties, your holiday decorating, and your holiday treats – this time of year just wouldn’t be the same without the tradition of giving and receiving those lovely personalized holiday greeting cards!

How Personalized Christmas Cards Saved Santa Claus

Personalized Christmas cards may be something we all take for granted these days, but as with so many other things, personalized holiday cards didn’t always exist. Originally, people made their own greeting cards. The first known “manufactured” Christmas card was in 1843 London, with one individual commissioning a lithographic artist to design and print his cards. Presumably, he still had to sign them.

As Mrs. Claus pointed out to her hubby, people were always saying “thank you” to Santa for his gift-giving (past, present, and anticipated future) but rarely thought to say “thank you” to any of Santa’s elves. So, at some point, Santa decided it was only right and prudent to give Christmas cards to all of his elves, who after all, had worked so diligently all year to provide for the holiday happiness of others. There were a lot of elves, but Santa did have all year to prepare the cards, plus he had the able and enthusiastic assistance of Mrs. Claus.

Years passed and the world population kept increasing. Fortunately, the elfin population increased proportionally, so the workshop was able to keep pace in the production of toys and other goodies. Another fortunate event was the invention of computers, which made Santa’s record-keeping, not to mention his delivery scheduling, more manageable and efficient.

One problem, however, came to be known as “Santa Burn-Out.” He simply could not keep up with hand-signing so many Christmas cards! Poor Santa lost weight and was starting to lose the twinkle in his eyes. But then Santa became a customer of The Gallery Collection. His custom Christmas cards are now perfectly, professionally printed, and he’s able to send them in such a timely fashion that the elves receive them while Santa is making his Christmas Eve deliveries. And, you know what? Now that Santa uses personalized holiday cards, when his big annual journey is completed, he gets the biggest, warmest “welcome home” that you can imagine!

Personalized Christmas Cards Maker GalleryCollection.com Joins Operation Gratitude and Army-Navy Game to Support Troops Overseas

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – December 3, 2008 – Prudent Publishing’s GalleryCollection.com, the leading personalized Christmas cards and corporate Holiday cards publisher in the nation, announced today that it has joined Operation Gratitude and the 2008 Army-Navy Football Game to support deployed service members through Operation Gratitude’s “Letters to Heroes” letter writing campaign.

Operation Gratitude has been sending care packages to individual service members deployed overseas since 2003. “Letters to Heroes” coordinates efforts to provide heartfelt letters to service members, which are then included in each care package.

GalleryCollection.com and Operation Gratitude donated 28,000 holiday cards and will distribute the cards at the 109th Army-Navy Game, being held at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field on December 6. At the game, fans will use the holiday cards to write personal letters of appreciation to service members, and these personalized Christmas cards will be delivered in each Operation Gratitude care package.

Holiday cards will also be made available for personalization at several Philadelphia hotel welcome tables, the Army-Navy Gala held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on December 5, and Penn’s Landing.

The first Army-Navy Game kicked off in 1890 at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, but it didn’t become a true annual tradition until 1930. Generally played on the first Saturday in December, the game is considered one of the longest lasting rivalries in college football. To learn more about the 2008 game, visit http://www.PhillyLovesArmyNavy.com/.

To learn more about Operation Gratitude and how to contribute to the organization’s military support efforts, visit http://www.opgratitude.com/.

About GalleryCollection.com – Prudent Publishing’s GalleryCollection.com is the leading publisher of premium quality Christmas cards and business Holiday cards in the United States. Established in 1929 and still family owned, the company offers direct-from-the-publisher prices that include customized ink and foil imprints, a large selection of memorable greetings, and matching deckle-edged envelopes made of recycled paper. GalleryCollection.com also offers numerous types of all occasion greeting cards including business birthday cards, thank you cards, and anniversary cards, many of which are FSC-certified (SW-COC-002530) and produced with Green-e certified

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About Operation Gratitude – Operation Gratitude (www.operationgratitude.com) is the 501 (c) (3) non-profit, volunteer organization that annually sends 100,000+ care packages of items and letters addressed to individually named U.S. Service Members deployed in hostile overseas regions. Its mission is to lift morale, bring a smile to a service member’s face and to express to all troops the appreciation and support of the American people. Since its inception in March, 2003, Operation Gratitude has shipped more than 375,000 packages to American troops deployed overseas.

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Personalized Christmas Cards Help You Keep in Touch

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” a quote by John Lennon, is quite profound and can mean different things to different people. To me, it means that life can be so busy and hectic that in many instances we lose sight or control of what we would like to do. Before we know, years have gone by and we regret missing out on the things we wanted to do.

For instance, think of all the people that you have met and lost contact with over many years’ time. Whether it be coworkers, neighbors, teammates from a club or sports team…how many really close friends do you not see as often as before, or perhaps, never?

So how do we try to keep something like this from not occurring? One way is to make sure personalized Christmas cards are sent to those whom you may not have social contact with—either seldom or at all—to let them know they’re in your thoughts. Custom Christmas cards can be personalized with a longer, personal message or a shorter, handwritten message on the inside of the Christmas cards.

In any event, it is the thought that counts (as they say), and keeping touch with someone by sending custom Christmas cards each year is a great way to let someone know you’re still thinking about them even you may not have seen them for a long, long time.

What’s a Personalized Christmas Card Going to do for a Bad Back?

Oh the weather outside is frightful, and shoveling is so not delightful…so much to a large extent that my back is now in shambles! I’m one of those guys who tends to hurt himself getting out of bed, never mind having a driveway of snow in my way. So the snow came down…it has been shoveled, and now I’m taking a sick day because I can’t get out of bed.

Can there be anything worse than this? Well I guess there can but I’m talking about me now. There’s nothing on TV, the dog won’t leave me alone, and I would rather sit in silence then call my fiancé one more time.

Oh look, the mail is here. Maybe I’ll get up for a minute to see if the new Sporting News has come out. Oh shucks! It hasn’t. This was a wasted trip. Oh wait, maybe not. Here’s an envelope addressed to me from my dear Aunt Rose who resides in Florida.

I open it up and then followed today’s first and only smile.  My aunt has decided to send me a holiday Card. That may not mean much to you, but to me that’s big. Someone took the time to pick from hundreds and thousands of personalized Christmas cards one that would make me smile.

How did she know a snowman would bring this smile to my face? Who knows, but sometimes holiday cards can do that to you. In an era where people don’t like to take the time…a holiday card shows me you care. A bad back couldn’t even take that away.

Personalized Christmas Cards Haven’t Always Been my Thing

To me Christmas cards were something I was used to receiving rather then giving. I guess the old Christmas saying, “It’s better to give, than receive,” was meant for someone other than me.

I was never one to give personalized Christmas cards. In fact, at home my wife and daughter usually held this honor. And I must say, it was an honor they both did with great enthusiasm. However, a career change would eventually alter my perception about giving Christmas cards.

My earlier business occupation was in a blue collar field that was mostly dominated by men. We were not accustomed to giving gifts and exchanging personalized holiday cards with each other. For the holidays we would usually have a quick group lunch. Afterwards, we would run home to help out our wives.

However, as the world changed, so did our field. More and more women began taking interest in the technology field and during this transition, the giving of Christmas cards became a yearly event. However, I must admit, I was a little shocked to receive holiday cards from some old-time field personnel.

Now, several years later, I enjoy giving Christmas cards. This is a way for me to show someone that I took the time to say “hi” and to wish them happy holidays. I like to send out personalized holiday cards because of my terrible handwriting. It wasn’t easy growing up as a southpaw and my handwriting is pretty terrible. I certainly never won any awards for my penmanship. Personalized Christmas cards took away a lot of the stress of signing. It’s faster and neater. My friends can easily see that the card came from me.

Today we live in a fast pace world of electronics. People don’t talk…they chat; people don’t read books…they read web pages. It’s a great feeling to receive a Christmas card because it tells me someone took the time during there busy day to think about me and to say that I am special to them.

Peace on Earth Holiday Cards Show the True Spirit of the Season

These days, personalized Christmas cards are available in an endless variety of designs and themes, but one of my favorites is Peace on Earth holiday cards.  For me, this sentiment really conveys what the holiday is all about.  It also reminds me of one of the most special Christmas cards that I received many years ago.  The Christmas card was from my cousin Mike.  He was serving in Vietnam during the war and counting the days until his tour of duty was up so he could come home to his family in Pennsylvania.  A few days before Christmas, he sent me a beautiful Peace on Earth holiday card that expressed his wishes.  It showed “The Lion and the Lamb” resting peacefully side by side.  I cried like a baby when I read Mike’s Christmas card and I hoped and prayed for his safe return.  Thankfully, my prayers were answered and my cousin came home safe and sound three weeks later.

As I think back on that time so long ago, I realize that the one thing that all of us wish for, especially at Christmas time, is peace on Earth.  This might seem like a pipedream that will never come true, but I don’t ever want to give up hope that we someday will live on a peaceful planet.  I suppose that sounds naïve and unrealistic.  Well, maybe so.  It would probably take a miracle for our world to be at peace, but Christmas is a time for miracles, so I’m going to keep on hoping.

This Christmas, I’ll be sending Peace on Earth holiday cards to all my friends and family.  Sending holiday cards is a small but meaningful gesture, one that will make me feel a little more hopeful that one day Mike’s wish will become a reality.

Personalized Christmas Cards Make Life a Little Easier

The holiday season is fraught with tasks that seem to never get done. Whether it is in the business world or one’s personal life, the holidays are, without a doubt, the most hectic time of the year! Although we all enjoy receiving Christmas cards, preparing and sending them to clients, family, or friends can be quite a tedious undertaking. Signing the cards, addressing envelopes, and applying postage stamps to each one are not only time consuming tasks but can often prove to be very frustrating. A way to eliminate one of these jobs is rather simple.

Personalized Christmas cards can do away with the chore of signing each and every card you send. Stuffing, addressing, and applying postage to the envelopes are jobs that still remain to be done but the elimination of signing each card is not only a time saver, but an impressive way to indicate from whom these holiday greeting cards were sent. Along with your personalization you might consider adding a line such as “Happy Holidays,” “Have a Wonderful New Year,” or “Merry Christmas.” Use your imagination to convey that little extra expression of your feelings toward those who are important to you.

I’d bet if you try it once you’ll send these custom personalized Holiday cards year after year.

Personalized Christmas Cards with Celebrity Status

Have you ever heard of a famous Christmas card? I’m not talking about a card that may have an imprint by a famous artist (like our Museum Masterpiece Cards). I’m talking about anthropomorphizing a card and giving it celebrity status. This may sound like a very bizarre concept but when you work for a greeting cards company, it’s rather befitting.

A bunch of our cards became famous several months ago when they were used as background props in a scene with Harley Davidson Cooper (played by Beth Ehlers) on CBS’s soap opera Guiding Light. Our devoted administrative assistant, Felicia, also happens to be a devoted viewer of this longtime running daytime drama. She was watching the show on a Thursday in December, as she does every Thursday, when she noticed several of our personalized Christmas cards hanging around the frame of Harley’s front door.

Take a look at the stills below:

Guiding Light Holiday Cards 1 Guiding Light Holiday Cards 2

Designs 491CS, 684CX, 676CX, and 678CX are all in the background. Here is a better view of each design, respectively:

491CS - Seasons Greetings Snowfrost Ornament Card 684CX - Merry Christmas Traditions Holiday Card

676CX - Gift Box Starburst Seasons Greeting Card 678CX - Holiday Fanfare Happy Holidays Card

For any other viewers of this scene, they would’ve been engrossed in the plot line in which Harley receives a postcard from her missing ex-husband. But for the rest of us here at GalleryCollection.com, we were more interested in getting a better view of our holiday cards hanging in the background. If the thought never crossed your mind that an ordinary personalized Christmas card with an ornament on the front could obtain celebrityhood – think again. Our cards aren’t so ordinary after all…they’re superstars!