recycled paper cards

The older I get, the guiltier I feel about my irresponsible ways. I’ve spent most of my twenties trying to make a dent in the credit card debt I racked up in college. I’ve spent the past few months kicking myself for all of the detrimental behavior I’ve displayed towards the environment. I’m wondering why […]


I love that little green triangle of arrows I see when I’m shopping for greeting cards. Sometimes it’s printed on the back of greeting cards, sometimes tucked discreetly inside. The symbol makes the birthday cards, thank you cards or holiday cards I just fell in love with even more of a prized purchase. The rate […]

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Corporate birthday cards are a part of my daily life because I work at a greeting cards company.  I love each and every birthday card we sell and lately, I’ve been comparing every birthday card I see in stores to our own premium quality greeting cards. Every time I go to a stationery store to […]