Deliciously Soaring Business Birthday Cards

Soaring Happy Birthday, design 113AR, is one of the newest business birthday cards added to The Gallery Collection line. The card displays three floating – oops I mean soaring – balloons. The design was named Soaring Happy Birthday Card but in my opinion I would have named it Soaring Balloons. Why? Because the balloons are the main focal point of the card.

The multi colored “Happy Birthday” sentiment printed underneath the balloons is ok, but it’s the balloons that really grabbed my attention. My eyes were drawn right into the vibrant color of each, one orange, one blue, and one green. I saw different shapes and swirls in each individual color. The balloons took on a look of marble, or you know how you mix two rich colors of paint together to get a custom look…that’s what it reminds me of.

Design 113AR - Soaring Happy Birthday Card
Design 113AR - Soaring Happy Birthday Card

The three balloons seem to pop off the glossy white background of the card giving each one its own unique look. They are surrounded by golden flecks and sparkling stars that look like someone sprinkled gold star dust in the air and the gold dust is falling over each balloon. This certainly adds a nice touch to the birthday card design. I give this card a high rating on its overall look and wouldn’t hesitate to give it to anyone for their personal birthday.

As for design 091AY Birthday Delight Birthday Card, another new business birthday cards design, this cream colored card displays the yummiest looking cup cake spread with a hue of lavender icing. It’s then topped with pastel colored sprinkles and a soft pink star candle. The embossed cupcake is displayed in a watercolor purple and blue cupcake holder with ever so slightly darker purple and blue shadowed polka dots.

Design 091AY - Birthday Delight Birthday Card
Design 091AY - Birthday Delight Birthday Card

The “Happy Birthday” sentiment and tiny stars displayed on the card reflect bright foil colors of bronze, orange, fuchsia, and lemon lime. The cupcake, star, and the curled ribbon are all outlined in those same colors. I wanted to take a bite out of this deliciously fun looking cupcake. The birthday card, itself, would probably appeal more to females of all ages who would be delighted to receive this yummy treat.

The Day the Company Birthday Cards Went Missing

This is a story about the missing company birthday cards. You know I love greeting cards and better than that, I work for a greeting card company. You spend a third of your life (give or take) at your job and you should enjoy what you do. How much happier can someone be than to work with something they love? Well, you could get wonderful company birthday cards. We do have a lot of company birthday cards hanging around, but sometimes the mischief fairy misplaces the greeting cards on you.

It was a beautiful sunny day for my birthday two years ago. I was having that “it’s my birthday and I feel wonderful” kind of feeling. You know, that everyone’s going to treat me great and I will just eat it up kinda feeling. I danced downstairs and my husband had breakfast on the table and I got personalized birthday cards and wishes from the family. What a great day it’s going to be.

I trekked off to work and smiled at the traffic. I knew I would have a pile of greeting cards on my desk, including the company birthday cards. The owner, the president, the manager of my department and the supervisor all sign birthday cards. Then they come around and personally wish you well.

I walked in smiling at everyone. Nobody said Happy Birthday, and there were no birthday cards on my desk. What was happening? I didn’t know how to react. The president went by and said “Good morning, Dolly.” No “Happy Birthday?” No shaking my hand? How should I handle this? I didn’t want to pout like a child, but this was a really big let down. We are never too old to want people to remember our birthdays. It is a monumental occasion in a person’s life. My smile drooped a little, but I made it through the day and went home to the people who love me. They remembered how important my birth was. Oh well, I still love greeting cards.

The next day when I went to work, there was a stack of business birthday cards on my desk. There they were…all the birthday cards from my coworkers. There was the “Happy Birthday, Dolly.” There was the handshake. I told everyone that yesterday was my birthday. The company had written it down as the seventh and my birthday is the sixth. Of course, we all laughed and they changed it so they didn’t make that mistake again.

My faith in human nature was restored. My smile is bright again and all is well at the greeting cards company.

Birthday Cards Can Say More Than Happy Birthday

Corporate birthday cards are a part of my daily life because I work at a greeting cards company.  I love each and every birthday card we sell and lately, I’ve been comparing every birthday card I see in stores to our own premium quality greeting cards. Every time I go to a stationery store to buy a birthday card I cannot help but notice that most of the birthday cards are not as high quality as ours.  I compare everything from the greeting to the designs to the foils and the envelopes, and in my mind, birthday cards always prevail.

Of course, the purpose of sending a birthday card is to wish someone a happy birthday.  But besides that, the quality of the card can send another message.  To me, one of the most important features on any birthday card, but especially corporate birthday cards, is the paper the greeting card is printed on.  Thick and beautiful paper says so much about the high standards of the company producing the birthday cards.  Sending recycled paper cards or greeting cards printed on FSC certified paper also sends a message to the person you are sending the greeting card to that you care about keeping our planet as healthy as possible. That is perhaps the most important message we can send to anyone, but saying “Happy Birthday” with a quality, unique birthday card design also says quite a lot whether it is on a personal or business-related basis.