Believe Me: Business Card Designs That Communicate Trust

You spent a few moments pitching your idea on a napkin to a potential client or customer. How do you reaffirm your brand after that initial meeting?

Business cards are a tool that put you in the position to say what you need to say without saying it. Credibility is established as well giving you an easy way to get in contact with you. Here are 10 designs that will say believe me more than you could say yourself.

Basic – a photo, a logo, a company name, phone number and address. Say what you need to say and say it quick; great for getting the word out without over bearing your contacts.

Fun & Creative – let your artistic ability shine through the colors and designs that shout Hello with style. These kinds of cards are great for creative workers.

Geometric & Patterns – engage your contact with your trendy designs that communicate your tech-savvy. Great for tech consultants and data companies.

Minimalist – simple is better and highlighting that matters when communicating trust effectively. Guide your contact to the most important information by choosing carefully what you need to show in a fashionable way.

Modern & Fresh – Please your contacts eyes with a look that uses the coolest array of colors. Add a unique feel to your design business without being too out of the box.

 Photos & Logos – Look sharp in your suit or represent your company’s logo in full. Great for real estate agents or graphic designers looking to show their best ‘self’s’.

Traditional – Go along with the long established card which effectively gives your info with no frills. Great for that old-school feel and look.

Trendy – Enter the 21st century with a Facebook profile look alike card that shows your hip and about business. Great for social entrepreneurs with a mission to touch the world.

No matter which design you choose to showcase your business with, our business cards will suite your needs. With over 8 design concepts to choose from and the ability to upload your own, we can meet your business card needs.