The Lost Art of Thank You Cards

Recognizing good deeds or generous gifts is just common courtesy; however, it seems that most people of today do not make acknowledgements of “Thank You”.
When I was growing up, my mother would always make sure we sent Thank You cards for birthday gifts, Christmas presents and any other generous offering we received. Of course, my brother and I would whine and complain because we would have to handwrite each card, but it taught us to show appreciation for all that we are given.

I would send Thank You cards out for my children when they were little but now it’s their turn. Naturally, their response is “Can’t I just send a text?” My response is to ask them how it feels when they get a card a mail. That seems to be enough of an explanation. We all get that warm and fuzzy feeling when there is a surprise in the mailbox even if it’s as simple as a card.

Doing the right thing in your personal life will carry through to your professional life. When business associates stop in with donuts or my boss brings us lunch, I always make sure to send a Thank You card. The first time I did this my boss was so surprised that I would do such a thing.

Don’t fall victim to the lost art of Thank You Cards.

Thank You Cards for Today’s Business World

In today’s fast paced corporate world – where the source of just about all our communication is done through emails and the internet – taking the time to write out and send a business associate thank you cards as a means of communicating your appreciation or just to network can make a powerful statement as to how you conduct your own business. Thank you cards for business are a great way to help keep your company in contact with others that may be or eventual become clients, suppliers, business contacts or even to thank someone for a referral. The benefits of using thank you cards for business shows that you appreciate them for something they did for you or your company.

Using corporate thank you cards is seen as a positive and effective move that will keep your company in the thoughts of your recipients for potential future projects. These extra steps you take to ensure your company and your products will be remembered at that corporate meeting or company presentation. The corporate thank you cards you send can very well play a major role in getting you future business with other companies. You know how word of mouth is a powerful tool in the business world? Well using thank you cards for business to let someone know you appreciate having them as a customer or just as thanks for a job well done can speak volumes!