The Versatility of Corporate Thank You Cards

You probably haven’t received a Thank You card in a while. Is it because they seem passé? Sure feels like it, but in today’s hustle bustle, it is more important than ever to use Thank You cards as a way of acknowledging your appreciation. For example, the elusive client meeting you finally landed.  Sure you may have taken the client out to lunch and sent a “thanks for meeting with me” email, but a Thank You card is a way to get noticed and stand out from the rest. Don’t miss the opportunity to get customers thinking positively about you and your business.  

Thank You cards also work great for your suppliers or vendors as well.  Have any of them gone out of their way to meet a deadline for you?  If so, keep the good relations going with a Thank You card

Thank You cards are great for giving internal kudos to those who deserve it. You obviously don’t want to send a card every time someone does their job right, but you do want to recognize those employees who go above and beyond. 

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish yourself as a company or a person in the corporate world, but using Thank You cards at appropriate times will really set you apart from the pack.

6 thoughts on “The Versatility of Corporate Thank You Cards”

  1. Thank you cards go a long way. I love giving them and receiving them, especially when they’re given unexpectedly.

  2. Thank You cards make a great impression and are unexpected in these electronic times.

  3. Getting a Thank you card from an employer is especially the best because it lets you know that you are doing well and it makes you feel good for the whole day.

  4. The thank you cards on the website are really nice! I missed out on being able to give some people thank you cards. Better late than never!

  5. Thank you cards for business are a MUST. So simple to send and makes a huge impression.

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