Handshakes & Business Cards

Handshakes and business cards take doing business from strictly business to the more personal side of things.  Business can be gained or lost by just these two simple, but necessary things.  The impression you make with either of these will be remembered. Customers or potential customers will link the two with your character and professionalism.

Have you ever shaken someone’s hand and immediately had a negative thought about them?  Maybe they seemed weak or unsubstantial, but maybe you shook their hand and felt this person has depth of character.  You want the person you are connecting with to exude confidence in their handshake.  You are more likely to reach back out to a business acquaintance if you felt poise and conviction.

Business cards can have the same power and are just as important as that handshake. If you present a simple, dynamic business card, you are presenting yourself as a motivated professional. On the other side of it, if your business card looks haphazard with spelling mistakes or missing information, chances are that your client or potential client will move in a different direction. Your handshake and business card speak volumes of who you are as a businessman. Make sure to put your best foot, or should I say hand, forward.

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  1. A business card is a necessity for lawyers and other business people. Get your name out there and say what you specialize in. People will remember you!

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