Kicking Off the Holiday Season With Thanksgiving Cards

This year, you need to be the first one to make your mark among other businesses. How do you do that? By sending Thanksgiving cards! You will be opening the season with bang by sending Thanksgiving cards and assuring that you will stand out from the rest of the crowd. Your greeting cards of well wishes for a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year will be easy to remember because they will be received before the onslaught of cards normally received between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Another upside of sending a Thanksgiving card is the opportunity to say, “Thank you.” Whether your recipients are customers, other businesses or family and friends; this is a great chance to show your appreciation for what they contribute to your world. There is nothing more American than sending Thanksgiving cards. Most businesses stick with the Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings card and remain on the sidelines till later in the holiday season. By sending Thanksgiving cards you’ll be ahead of the game and recipients will surely love them. This year, get ahead of the rush and open the holiday season up with a bang by with fun and thoughtful wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

6 thoughts on “Kicking Off the Holiday Season With Thanksgiving Cards”

  1. Sending Thanksgiving cards could be the best tip of the season. You get your business name out there early on, and later on you can relax and enjoy the holiday parties and family gatherings without the stress of doing a card mailing!

  2. A Thanksgiving card is a welcome surprise! I got one from my Dentist last year and it was so nice, I kept it!

  3. Thanksgiving cards make for great little holiday surprises for customers before the Christmas onslaught!

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