Why Greeting Cards are Important in the Corporate World

For a variety of good reasons, businesses oftentimes send greeting cards to customers and clients. These cards can include holiday cards, thank you cards (for past business) invitations to upcoming company events or reminder cards for an upcoming appointment.

To make the most positive impression, the cards your company sends should be personalized to the recipient. For holiday cards, it would be ideal if the cards are signed by your company’s CEO or a high-ranking official. If this is not possible (due to a high quantity of clients), it would be best to at least have the cards sent to your largest accounts hand-signed.

When your card is received, it is likely to be shared with the management of the company and, sometimes, many employees. Those who receive your card are likely to think more fondly of you and more likely to conduct business with you in the future, especially when compared to a business that doesn’t bother to contact them.

The other type of corporate greeting cards are those that are sent to employees. Just as it is important to keep on the good side of customers and clients by sending cards, an employee birthday card or anniversary card is sure to keep your workers feeling valued and increased loyalty generally means increased productivity. As with other corporate greetings, a small investment can have a much larger positive impact!

8 thoughts on “Why Greeting Cards are Important in the Corporate World”

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  2. It is all about making an impression. Little things like sending a card are memorable.

  3. Also keep in mind how meaningful it is to send a Sympathy Card to an employee. Having these on hand for these sad occasions is a big help.

  4. It’s the little things like sending a card that can make a big impact for a business. Customers will always appreciate getting a beautiful Gallery Collection card and it’s a way to keep your name out there.

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