Fall Company Outing Ideas

Kashmir in Autumn 5Fall is the last chance for any company wide outings to be planned before winter hits and the cold keeps people from wanting to go out at all.  Some Fall specific outings that should definitely be at the top of your list include pumpkin picking, baseball games, football games, etc.

Pumpkin picking is tons of fun as the season starts, with Halloween around the corner everyone’s already in the spirit for it so it doesn’t need much hype.  Recently it’s been getting more and more popular so more and more farms are opening up to the public for pumpkin picking.  A lot of them feature other attractions and fun events as well like hay rides, corn mazes, contests, etc.  If your staff is looking for some lighthearted seasonal fun pumpkin picking is perfect.

Volunteering is another great outing idea, as it builds bonds between workers and with the community, the company reputation benefits as well.  There are the usual soup kitchens and community centers you can check out, however in the spirit of the season there are actually different farms and orchards that use volunteers to run their pumpkin picking, farm markets, hay rides, etc.

For those with a passion for sports, it’s the perfect time, baseball, football, hockey, etc. all have games underway throughout Fall.  This takes care of a lot of the planning problems associated with other outings as the only issues if any are transportation and tickets.

Taking advantage of the last warm days before winter to take your company out for a fun and beneficial experience is a great idea.  Here’s hoping you all get the chance to do so and enjoy any of these activities.  Enjoy your Fall!

15 thoughts on “Fall Company Outing Ideas”

  1. The Fall is a great time of year for a company picnic. The weather should be at that perfect jeans and a t-shirt temperature which is ideal for outside activities.

  2. I would love the opportunity to volunteer with my coworkers or go pumpkin picking as a company. These are some really great ideas to enjoy the last of this perfect weather.

  3. Fall is a great time for Volunteering, especially outside. Other mothers and myself I volunteered to put in a garden outside the main door to the school last fall. We planted fall grasses and spring bulbs. The cool air was great to work in and it was fun and so rewarding.

  4. Company outings are excellent for morale, and give coworkers a chance to get to know each other as people as opposed to names on a phone list. It’s also important to occasionally break up the workday with activities not explicitly work-related.

  5. Fall season is the perfect weather for outings especially for a company retreat! Any activity would be very beneficial as it would lead to a very positive and exciting experience for the company. Volunteerism is also a great opportunity for any company to boost up their team spirit. It’s a great way to have everyone involved. It also gives you the opportunity to work as a team for a great cause!

  6. As long as its outdoors so everyone can enjoy the weather while its still nice. Fall outings are a great way for co workers to interact outside of an office atmosphere!

  7. Fall is my absolutely favorite time of year. I love the cooler weather and the changing of seasons. I spend all my weekends outdoors taking it in!

  8. Excellent ideas. Even though I’m not a sports fan, attending any game with co-workers sounds like a blast. I love the pumpkin picking idea, as well.

  9. Volunteering is such a great way to invoke “team spirit” while also helping out the community. Something simple as participating in a walk-a-thon or morning cleanup can help build a sense of community between coworkers and can be a lot of fun!

    A morning Hike or walk in a familiar park with brunch to follow, are also some nice ideas for Fall! I love the idea of going to a fruit orchard with coworkers! This is something I did not even consider. Great ideas!

  10. There are a bunch of fairs taking place this time or year as well. I especially love all the yummy food and would love to do something fun for the day with my co-workers. We rarely get a chance to do anything together.

  11. Outings are a great idea to boost company morale, but at times are not doable. A simple idea is to have an outdoor meeting or department walk. Good for our health to get outside and good for the brain to have a change of scenery.

  12. My company does one big event each season to promote team building. For our last Fall outing we all went to this really great park not far from work. We were able to hike, play some football, get fresh air. It was really great and even better because we were paid for it!

  13. We do winter gatherings for the company as a way to also celebrate the holidays. We did a ski trip once, iceskating, saw a Christmas show on Broadway – all were so much fun! They are great team builders.

  14. Going to volunteer as a company is a superb idea. It’s sometimes intimidating to go to a new place to volunteer, but having a big group would make for a great experience for all. Not to mention the amount of people that would return! I’d love to help out at an animal shelter, but then my company would need to think about allergies.

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