Thanking Our Veterans This Memorial Day


There is much confusion about the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have lost their lives while in service to protect our wonderful country. Veteran’s Day is a day to say Thank you to all of those who have served our country. That being said, I do feel that on Memorial Day we should take some time to appreciate those who have done remarkable things to protect preserve our rights as Americans.

One great way to say Thank you to Veterans this Memorial Day is to visit a Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital. Take your time to visit with some of the Veterans and allow them to share their stories. They have experienced interesting things. Thank them for the service.
Another way to say Thank you to a Veteran this Memorial Day is to visit a National Cemetery. You can bring a group of friends and pull weeds and plant flowers. Then pick one special name and find out more about this person. You can write a sincere letter of thanks to his family showing that their loss is appreciated.

Donating to one of the plethora of Veteran’s organization is another way to say Thank You to Veterans this Memorial Day. There are many organization out there that need funding to help get Veterans on their feet again after fighting for our country or help in the healthcare of our Veterans.

Take Memorial Day to thank our Veterans. Sure it has become known as the kick off to summer weekend and a time for barbecues and friends, but the real purpose for this holiday is to recount the sacrifices of our soldiers. Do not let the day go by without appreciating the real meaning behind Memorial Day.

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  1. It’s so important to thank and honor those who are fighting and have fought for our freedom!

  2. Listening to Veteran’s stories is truly a fascinating ordeal. Highly recommend.

  3. I’ve never heard of visiting a National Cemetery…..I’m surprised you’re allowed to cater to the graves like that…I know what you’re suggesting is not disrespectful, but aren’t there strict rules for the grounds like other cemeteries?

  4. Writing a letter to the family is a nice sentiment. Many families are proud of their lost loved ones and enjoy when people show appreciation for their ultimate sacrifice.

  5. Homeless Veterans is a HUGE national concern. Many vets are jobless/homeless and it’s unbelievably sad that someone so generous gets left out in the cold . . . literally. I like to make care packages and hand them out, especially in the colder months.

  6. Take some time out of your Memorial Day to think of those who have served you. Our family has a moment of silence at our annual BBQ to reflect on the meaning of the day.

  7. Both Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day are holidays that we as Americans should observe. People have fought and died for us, it would be absurdly ungrateful to not acknowledge that fact.

  8. Such a wonderful blog post! I think it’s important to remind everyone out there what the true meaning of our national holidays are.

  9. My grandfather served in the Army and some good buddies of his never made it back from overseas. We go to the cemetery at this time every year to see the display of flags in the military section and to remember his friends.

  10. The VA hospitals are in dire need of volunteers to visit the patients and bring a little sunshine into their lives. Please remember our vets who made it home, and the vets who never will come home again.

  11. I think the soldiers who gave their lives serving our great country would embrace all the fun and good times we associate with the Memorial Day start of summer. Celebrate in honor of them, in their memory.

  12. Thank you for your reminder of what Memorial Day means. It is a sober day, maybe with tears if you have someone who served and died. Be proud, stay proud of what they did. And enjoy a day of the freedom they fought for.

  13. Every year I buy a poppy from a VFW guy outside my supermarket. It’s just $1, a small gesture, but it’s a reminder, going back to our American Revolution, that brave men and women have fought for all the freedoms we enjoy today.

  14. Backyard cook-out season always started with the Memorial Day weekend. I remember times we had rain and had to grill in the garage, with the doors open of course. Nothing would stop the hot dogs & hamburgers! Those were happy days and I miss being a kid, with no worries or any idea of what the holiday stood for. I now appreciate the sacrifices that were made.

  15. Growing up in Louisiana, this weekend didn’t mean the start of summer since we were outdoors all year long with picnics and grilling. But up north I see why you can’t wait for winter to be over & for summer to start. I hope it’s a sunny day for all the parades for the veterans.

  16. When I was a teenager, marching in my town’s parade with my high school cheerleaders, I never gave a thought to the meaning of Memorial Day. All my uncles had come back from World War II. And they never talked about it in front of me.

  17. I can hardly wait to get out the grill and toss on the peppers & onions, and the best sausage & steaks! We wait all winter for this holiday to get the summer started. But we always remember what the day is for; we never forget the sacrifices made for us in the USA.

  18. Today is wet and cold but I hope by Monday we’ll have plenty of sunshine for a cook out. I hope we all remember the men and women who went to the Middle East these past 15 years, and gave their lives there.

  19. I think the meaning of the day is lost on many. Glad you took the time to write this article of gratitude.

  20. I come from a family of many vets. We were fortunate they all returned home over the years. Not everyone is so lucky and what these men and women do is noble and deserves lots of respect and honor.

  21. Well said! The fact that so many people this holiday weekend don’t even think about those who gave their lives for our country but consider the long weekend to be another wonderful opportunity to visit a mall always upsets me. And the retailers don’t help with their sales and their advertising all over the place. It’s pathetic.

  22. Every veteran deserves our thanks for the protection they have given us. It’s sad to think of all the men and women who gave their lives for us and our country.

  23. I’m glad you highlighted the importance of Memorial Day. We tend to forget unless we know someone who served and lost their life. Display a flag if you have one.

  24. You’re right to point out the difference in Memorial Day and Veterans Day. And it’s fitting that we have the two days out of the year to both honor and thank our military men and women.

  25. I can’t wait for the big Memorial Day celebration our town will hold on Memorial Day. We always start with a prayer at the veterans monument in the park, and then we have a short parade over to the park for a softball game, and then a big picnic lunch. Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather!

  26. In school we learned to recite the poem Flanders Fields on Memorial Day. Look it up to see why you’ll see veterans handing out little red poppies for Memorial Day. The poem is truly touching.

  27. Even if you can’t get to a veterans hospital or nursing home to visit, please consider sending out cards to these places . There are elderly men and women who would appreciate our thanks and recognition for their service.

  28. If anyone reads Woman’s World, the magazine at your supermarket checkout, there’s always a suggestion of what to send servicemen. Sometimes it’s phone cards, or toiletries, snacks, etc. Take a look to see if you can send something in a “thank you” package.

  29. My grandfather was in Vietnam and never wanted to see another war. He volunteers in a veterans home once a week, to talk about the old days, watch TV with some of the vets, just to let them know that someone still cares about them.

  30. It’s definitely the time to get out the grill and celebrate the end of winter with lots of hot dogs & hamburgers! Hope there’s plenty of sunshine! But for sure we should start the day with a prayer of thanks to our armed forces, living and dead.

  31. Memorial Day. Remember, and be grateful we are here in the USA and free to celebrate with picnics and ball games, parades and lazy days off. Many people sacrificed their lives for us to live free.

  32. A lot of people see Memorial Day as a 3 day weekend.. They forget the true meaning.

  33. Thank you vets for all you do! They should be honored more than just the one day.

  34. We went to a memorial service in the morning. I wish more people would attend these things,

  35. I enjoy the day eating BBQ with friends and family and sitting by the pool if it is nice enough, but the real meaning of the day is never lost on me. I know it is more than just a day off to eat and celebrate.

  36. Thank you to our vets for your sacrifice! And thank you to our active duty soldiers for your work.

  37. As they said in Team America: World Police…America BLANK Yeah! You can fill in the blank but god bless all our veterans who keep us free.

  38. My father was a vet. My grandfather was as well. I take great pride in honoring them.

  39. Thank you for this gentle reminder of what the day truly means. Everyone going on and on about BBQs, summer, and parades are really missing the ball.

  40. So glad you said this. I have been ‘corrected’ for thanking a Veteran on memorial day – I know the difference between the holidays but think it’s so important to make sure they know while they’re with us how much their service means.

  41. I love all the patriotic songs and seeing a veteran selling poppies before Memorial Day lifts my heart. Three cheers for all the veterans.

  42. This day is special to me now that my sister joined the United States Naval Academy. I am so proud of her!

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