Birthday Cards Temperature: Cold or Warm?

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Are business birthday cards more like business cards or more like birthday cards: discuss amongst yourselves.

But seriously, if you get a birthday card from someone with whom you do business, let’s say a vendor, are they sending you an advertisement or genuine focused-on-you good wishes? Do you care? It’s great to have your personal special day remembered and acknowledged with a birthday card. Whether they’re personal birthday cards from friends and family or business birthday cards from associates, you can’t help but feel good that these people think of you highly enough to send birthday cards.

With that said, I do note the differences in the styles of business birthday cards. There are so many different types of birthday cards available, some casual and others more formal, and the styles of the greeting cards can sometimes make a difference in how well the sentiment is acknowledged by the recipient. If I get a greeting card picturing a cartoon tow truck hauling a smashed sedan, I don’t feel all warm and fuzzy when I open it to see “Joe’s Garage” reminding me of their location and phone number and, by the way, “Have a nice birthday!” If I get a birthday card, from let’s say my doctor or financial advisor, and if it pictures something actually nice to look at and maybe wishes me good health and success, it does give me a bright “maybe you really do like me” feeling.

When my co-workers and company executives take the time to handwrite little personal notes to me on employee birthday cards, that really does give me a warm and fuzzy feeling! And, not to forget one birthday card that I especially like – my favorite local restaurant sends a lovely birthday card every year, with a wonderful discount coupon enclosed! Guess where I like to enjoy my birthday dinner with family and friends? There’s that warm and fuzzy feeling again!

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Soaregocitcic August 14, 2009 at 12:00 pm

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