Correspondence Note Cards vs. Business Cards

There is a significant difference between correspondence note cards and business cards.  So let’s discuss the differences…

Correspondence Note Cards

Correspondence Note Cards are perfect for short notes that can be used for business or personal use.  The cards measure 4 ¼ by 6 3/8 and can be used in many instances such as for Thank You notes or to recognized employee milestones.  At the top of your correspondence note cards, you can imprint your name, initials or short personalized message in your choice of 4 different fonts and choice of ink or foil.

The egg shell white correspondence note cards are available in a boxed set of 15 plat panels with matching seal fast envelopes.  To add a little flair to the cards they have an embossed border framing your personalization.  If you are in need of a unique gift, these are a memorable, personalized option.

Business Cards

Business cards have a completely different use.  Sure, you can use correspondence note cards to pass on your company information, however, the sole purpose of business cards are to promote yourself and your company.  They are an effective, low cost and convenient marketing tool.  You can add images of yourself, your product or your location along with adding pertinent text on the front and back.  Where correspondence note cards are only available in the egg shell white, business cards can be customized in a variety of colors and many different fonts opposed to just the four for note cards.

Choose the product that best suits your needs.

5 thoughts on “Correspondence Note Cards vs. Business Cards”

  1. Yes indeed – these two items serve completely different purposes, and those differences are clearly explained in this article. As a business owner, having both options on hand at all times is invaluable!

  2. I’ve never heard of Correspondence Note Cards, but I am now convinced I need them for my office. They look like they would be perfect for writing a little note for flowers or a gift too!

  3. Correspondence cards are so classy! It makes such a great impression to use them for messages when you need something more than a business card.

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