Keep Correspondence Note Cards on Hand

Correspondence Note Cards are a flat panel cards measuring 4 1.4” by 6 3/8. They come in a boxed set that includes 15 cards and 15 matching convenient Seal Fast envelopes. They are eggshell white in color and have an embossed border that frames the cards.

You can personalized these cards with your name or a short message such as “Thank You” in blue or black ink or if you prefer gold or silver foil. To add to your customization, you can imprint select Brickham Script, Garamond Premier Pro, Nueva Std Bold or Tekton Pro Bold.

They are perfect to keep around for all business or personal uses. At work, I always have two sets in my desk drawer. One that reads, “Thank You” and another that has my full name. If I want to send a quick thank you to one of my employees that went above and beyond or a vender who sent over some product samples, I simply take out my thank you note cards and scribble a brief note. Other times I use these to recognize an employee’s milestone or congratulate a coworker on their success. Sometimes, I even use them to jot down my contact information if I do not have a business card handy.

Keep Correspondence Note Cards on hand for every occasion.

Correspondence Note Cards vs. Business Cards

There is a significant difference between correspondence note cards and business cards.  So let’s discuss the differences…

Correspondence Note Cards

Correspondence Note Cards are perfect for short notes that can be used for business or personal use.  The cards measure 4 ¼ by 6 3/8 and can be used in many instances such as for Thank You notes or to recognized employee milestones.  At the top of your correspondence note cards, you can imprint your name, initials or short personalized message in your choice of 4 different fonts and choice of ink or foil.

The egg shell white correspondence note cards are available in a boxed set of 15 plat panels with matching seal fast envelopes.  To add a little flair to the cards they have an embossed border framing your personalization.  If you are in need of a unique gift, these are a memorable, personalized option.

Business Cards

Business cards have a completely different use.  Sure, you can use correspondence note cards to pass on your company information, however, the sole purpose of business cards are to promote yourself and your company.  They are an effective, low cost and convenient marketing tool.  You can add images of yourself, your product or your location along with adding pertinent text on the front and back.  Where correspondence note cards are only available in the egg shell white, business cards can be customized in a variety of colors and many different fonts opposed to just the four for note cards.

Choose the product that best suits your needs.

Correspondence Note Cards Build Strong Relationships

Correspondence note cards are a versatile business tool that is not outdated in today’s digital world. Having these cards gives you the opportunity to communicate through your business with dignity and class. Here are some ways that correspondence note cards build strong relationships.

When you ask your employees to run an errand or contact a client, do you find that they aren’t always reliable? If you use a correspondence note card to detail your errand, you can ensure that your orders will be followed through as outlined, helping employees recall imperative information. Having your card will also add reverence when running an errand, because your correspondence note card can be taken as official letterhead for inter-office use. Other departments will be more likely to take other employees seriously and quickly satisfy your request if there is proof that it came from your desk.

Your correspondence note cards can also be used to give potential new hires contact information or other desired details, leaving them feeling important and remembered.

Correspondence note cards can be used to acknowledge employee milestones as well. For example, your note cards can be used for a quick thank you that is less formal than a card but more heartfelt than an email. This will help add a personal touch in an otherwise corporate, disconnected office.

Lastly, correspondence note cards make a thoughtful gift to someone starting their own business. This will help them build strong relationships with people as they pave their way in their field. Having official, sophisticated cards to use will help elevate their status quickly, even if they don’t have everything together quite yet.

What is a Correspondence Note Card?

Simply put, a correspondence note card is a high quality buff colored index card that comes with a matching envelope. However these “index cards” can be customized with one line of type at the top in blue, black or gold/silver foil imprinting in a variety of font choices.  Customization options can be professional (company name), personal (your name) or generic (Thank You, Thinking of You or Just a Note).

What would you use these for?  These cards are great when sending an email is too impersonal and a full size greeting card is too much. They can be sent as special recognition to an employee for “a job well done” or as a “thank you for your time” after an interview.  They can be included as a professional gift enclosure or as a reminder for an upcoming event or meeting. They can be mailed via the post office or sent to the recipient via inter-office mail. On a personal note, they can be tucked into a child’s backpack for the teacher when a note might be needed or slipped under a neighbor’s door to advise “we are having a neighborhood garage sale, care to join us?”.

The uses for these small yet elegant single sided cards are as endless as your imagination. They don’t seem like much but once you have one box, you will surely find a myriad of reasons to take pen to paper on them!

Correspondence Note Cards – A Personal Touch for Your Business

There is so much competition out there today making the little things a business does so much more important than ever before.  Keeping a personal connection with your customers, clients and even personnel is necessary in today’s business world. Correspondence note cards are a simple and fun way to let them know you care about everything in their world.  This intimate connection will keep them coming back to you oppose to looking elsewhere.

On these elegant correspondence note cards, you can have your name imprinted on the top leaving the rest of the card open for your use in many different situations.  Did you read in the paper about one of your clients landing a much important client?  This would be a perfect time to send a note of congratulations to him.  Or how about reading the sad news of a death in a customer’s family?  A special sympathy note would let them know you care.  Did an employee receive an acknowledgement commending them on their service from a business acquaintance?   As her boss, she would enjoy being praised for a job well done.

Correspondence note cards have many uses and can make a forever impression on your customers, clients and employees.  A personal touch in business leaves the people you connect with feeling important.

Correspondence Note Cards Take the Pressure out of Business Writing

Business greeting cards have been a wonderfully light-handed way to keep my business in the minds of clients and potential clients. Sometimes, however, I’ve wanted to present a crisper look that focused more on my message than on an attractive card design. Finally…I found a perfect solution with correspondence note cards.

As a kid, reading books and watching movies set in somewhat earlier (and to me, more refined) times, I was strongly impressed with mentions of calling cards and hand-delivered missives thoughtfully scripted on quality stationery. In these stories, it was clear that a person’s character was often judged on their mastery of these social graces. My aspiration to this sort of sophistication seemed thwarted by ever more casual attitudes in everyday life; even in business the attitude of “whatever…” seemed to be replacing “service-with-a-smile” and common courtesy.

Lately, and with greater frequency, I’ve been hearing that the bright side of the current economic recession is that careless businesses will fold and only the strong will survive, making for a stronger economy with better products and services. If that viewpoint makes you cry “ouch,” it may be time to refine your business practices, to work harder and smarter. It has had that effect on me.

A phone call may interrupt a client’s workday at an inconvenient time, if you even find that person in. An email is easily deleted, if it’s even read at all. Mailed ads are hard-sell, easily tossed aside. The same can be said for the form letters I receive, where my name and address is clearly just an insert. Why waste my time and attention on these when the sender couldn’t be bothered to invest time and attention to communicate specifically to my needs?

These new correspondence note cards from The Gallery Collection have such a classy look and feel! I keep them right on my desk top so I can jot my notes immediately as the thought occurs to me. They have my name professionally printed at the top so I can sign my notes with just my first name for a more personal touch. My name and handwritten note can be seen as soon as the note card is lifted from its fine quality envelope. I know it’s being looked at when the recipient is ready and open to my message. I know it’s subliminally telling the recipient that I value their relationship enough to communicate, on a one-on-one basis, a thought or plan or offer that is specifically for them. The presentation of my message tells them that it is worthy of their attention. And I’ll bet it doesn’t wind up in their waste basket!