Card Imprinting on Business Holiday Cards

Personalizing or card imprinting on Business Holiday Cards is key in getting your company name out there to all of your customers, clients and vendors. But equally important is how its looks. Whether a company decides to add their logo or go with standard typesetting, it needs to look “nice.” It should be appropriately sized for the card, and color selection should complement the front of the card. For more conservative companies, black might be a better or safer choice. One-color printing looks more cohesive inside the card, the greeting should be the same color as the card personalization. A red foil greeting with the company name typeset in green foil does look “Christmas-y” but it also looks like the company name was thrown on the card as afterthought. If the front of the card is mostly red or green, choose either color for inside the cards; printing in blue ink for whatever reason creates a card that does not look professional or well designed.

When a logo is used for the card imprint, there may be corporate “Identity” standards that require that certain colors must be used when printing a logo. If these PMS or “branded” colors cannot be followed, a typical workaround involves printing the logo in black and occasionally in gold or silver foil. If a company logo appears on a holiday card in black, it probably does not mean they lack holiday spirit. They are probably following set guidelines as required by corporate mandate.

Whatever colors appear when you open your next holiday card, be thankful you received it; it indicates your business is much appreciated by the sender!

6 thoughts on “Card Imprinting on Business Holiday Cards”

  1. There are some very good tips for customizing the inside of your business holiday cards here. The article mentions many things to consider that one would likely not have thought of!

  2. Businesses really do still send Holiday Cards out these days. It’s a great way to keep their name in front of their customers. Adding the logo creates further brand recognition and adds a very nice, professional touch!

  3. Its always nice when business send out cards. It really lets everyone know that they care, even if the card is plain and business like. It’s always the thought that counts.

  4. I think shelling out the extra cash for your logo and signatures really gives that personal feeling to your cards.

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