Benefits of Sending Holiday Cards to Customers

It has become very easy to send Christmas cards with the invention of something called recipient addressing.  The card company we have been using for the past few years has this option as a new offering and made it very easy to do.  We upload our mailing list using a special document type they send us in Excel and they take care of the rest! We already have all the patients listed in alphabetical order for our files and billing purposes.

We pick the holiday card and the greeting we feel is appropriate for our customers.  Then we have a few lines for the name of the dental practice as well as the names of the dentists and office staff.   We pick the color ink, or a special foil to have it printed inside the card.  Then the envelopes are printed with our return address on the back and the patients name and address on the front! It is amazing!  No work there!  All of our patients have commented when they come in for an appointment about our great Christmas cards, how beautiful and unique they are. 

We tell others in the field about one of the benefits of sending holiday cards to your customers is they remember to call you to comment on the greeting card and then remember they also need to come for a visit as well.  Tackled two birds with one stone…so to speak!      

6 thoughts on “Benefits of Sending Holiday Cards to Customers”

  1. I send holiday cards and now birthday cards too. It is something customers always mention to me when we speak.

  2. I started to send cards for the New Year. It is a nice reminder going into the new financial quarter.

  3. We recently started to send holiday cards and birthday cards and they have made a huge impression on our customers. We have gotten so many comments.

  4. We’ve started sending cards for multiple holidays throughout the year to customers. We have seen a spike in new business.

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