The Best Time To Mail Your Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are an essential part of getting the full Christmas experience. Unlike gifts under the tree, cards are not only relevant on Christmas day but are also part of the buildup and excitement for the Christmas Season. Receiving lovely cards from our relatives, friends, and loved ones always is a welcoming surprise in the mail. So rightly, you want to send some nice cards back their way. The Gallery Collection has so many different designs to choose from including the Ornamental Ornament Christmas Card that features a beautiful photo of an ornament on the front. The Wintergreen Christmas Card, for the businesses out there sending holiday cards, is a heartwarming simple card that shows you care. Knowing when to send them out so they can be received on time for the full effect is crucial for anyone, maybe even more for businesses.

A good rule of thumb for delivery dates is any time after Thanksgiving but preferably within the first ten days of December. This way even if there are any problems with the postal service, like mail getting lost or mixed up,etc. you’ve sent it out early enough to avoid being late. Of course this all depends on where you are sending them and taking that into consideration by researching shipping times for that address. If the shipping time for example is 3 weeks or over, giving a 5-7 day buffer with delivery is a good countermeasure to take to ensure delivery on time. Here’s hoping you all send and receive your lovely Christmas cards from The Galley Collection this holiday season and Merry Christmas!

17 thoughts on “The Best Time To Mail Your Christmas Cards”

  1. Wow – I can’t believe it’s time to think about the holidays already! It will be such a relief to get my holiday cards ordered early!

  2. I love getting Christmas cards. The earlier the better, I say. Right after Thanksgiving is just the right time.

  3. Ordering early is key! Getting them out early is challenging since the Holidays creep up faster every year!

  4. I order my cards in August. Christmas is the same time every year so why wait? I then have time to fill them out and send the day before Thanksgiving.

  5. I make sure to send out the cards for my business just before Thanksgiving. I like to be the first.

  6. I do New Year’s cards instead. After you get all the Christmas cards, I feel like it is a way to stand out because few people do that.

  7. I like to send them the earlier the better so I can be a little more organized when the holidays come.

  8. My long Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to get all my Xmas cards ready to mail out.

  9. Saturday Dec. 1st is already circled on my calendar as the day for addressing all my holiday card envelopes. And my husband has the job of adding the stamps and mailing them; he’s glad they’re imprinted with our names- no signing necessary.

  10. Luckily, my family celebrates Russian Christmas which usually falls after the traditional Christmas on Dec.25. I mail out the family cards the middle of the month and all my other cards by Dec.1st.

  11. It’s hard to know-too early and you’re pushing the season; too late and you’ve missed the date. Be sure to mail your cards between the 5th and the 10th of December and you’ll be fine.

  12. If you wait until you’re shopping and decorating in Dec. then it will be a big chore to sit down and write out your cards. Address and stamp all the envelopes early in Nov., then sign the cards over Thanksgiving weekend, and mail them right out.

  13. Be like Santa and make a list, check it twice. Get those Christmas cards written and set to mail before Dec. 1st. Then drop in the mail any day after that. Getting a card any day in Dec. is perfectly fine.

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