Sending Holiday Cards to Those Who Have Recently Lost a Loved One

Whether you flip on the television and view countless holiday commercials, tune in to some Christmas carols on the radio, or attend a holiday party, the same message is constant.  People are selling, singing, or talking about positive, happy things during the holidays.  This is often very welcome, but it can actually be quite challenging to those who have recently lost a loved one.  The sadness and loss are painfully magnified in the light of others perceived utopian holiday festivities.  It can become a dreaded time of renewed or increased mourning.  If you know someone in such a situation, they might still very much appreciate a holiday card, but the greeting card must have the right tenor to achieve a positive effect.  The card must not be too positive in tone while concurrently not become a sympathy card either.  Writing a holiday card for such an audience is somewhat challenging, but when done correctly, can positively impact its recipient.  The following may be helpful when crafting your holiday card.

Don’t Ignore the Situation – As a friend or family member, you are aware of the struggle at this time of year.  It’s okay and actually welcome to acknowledge this fact in an easy, indirect way.  It lets your recipient know that you care about their situation without bringing them to the point of dragging up negative emotions.

Send Realistic Good Wishes for the Holidays – Aside from briefly acknowledging that your recipient might be having a difficult time, the rest of your card should be sensibly positive.  By sensibly positive, I mean your kind wishes should be things that are actually attainable this year.  It might not be prudent to say something like “I hope you have a happy, wonderful holiday season” because that likely will not happen this year.  Instead, wishes such as “I am looking forward to seeing you at Joe’s party on the 22nd” or “Hope Edna sends us some of her delicious fruitcake again this year” are achievable aspirations or goals that can potentially bring a smile to your recipient’s face.

The Best Time To Mail Your Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are an essential part of getting the full Christmas experience. Unlike gifts under the tree, cards are not only relevant on Christmas day but are also part of the buildup and excitement for the Christmas Season. Receiving lovely cards from our relatives, friends, and loved ones always is a welcoming surprise in the mail. So rightly, you want to send some nice cards back their way. The Gallery Collection has so many different designs to choose from including the Ornamental Ornament Christmas Card that features a beautiful photo of an ornament on the front. The Wintergreen Christmas Card, for the businesses out there sending holiday cards, is a heartwarming simple card that shows you care. Knowing when to send them out so they can be received on time for the full effect is crucial for anyone, maybe even more for businesses.

A good rule of thumb for delivery dates is any time after Thanksgiving but preferably within the first ten days of December. This way even if there are any problems with the postal service, like mail getting lost or mixed up,etc. you’ve sent it out early enough to avoid being late. Of course this all depends on where you are sending them and taking that into consideration by researching shipping times for that address. If the shipping time for example is 3 weeks or over, giving a 5-7 day buffer with delivery is a good countermeasure to take to ensure delivery on time. Here’s hoping you all send and receive your lovely Christmas cards from The Galley Collection this holiday season and Merry Christmas!