What Should Go On My Business Christmas Card Envelopes?

You are sending out Christmas cards on behalf of your business this year. You’ve thought about everything except how in the world you are supposed to do the envelopes! Of course you know the basics: Recipient address, proper postage, and a return address?

Although it is not necessary to include a return address, should you? Will your recipient even open it because they might think it’s junk mail? While there is the advantage of curiosity, why not impress recipients as opposed to trick? Using your name will reinforce your company with your well wishes of Christmas cheer. Why wouldn’t you want that good press?

You can place your return address on the front or on the back flap of the envelope. Either is correct. Personally, I like the return address to be on the back flap in foil. It is an elegant statement that the recipient will see just before seeing your Christmas card. Everything sets the tone of your attempt to contact the customer, so do not overlook anything.

Consider using your logo with your company name for a sophisticated look. This little touch will make you stand out in a good way. It is impressive to use your company logo printed as opposed to on a stamp or a sticker. This shows forethought and care. Finishing touches? Consider sealing your envelope with a gold or silver seal. Stand out this holiday season by mailing your cards out early!

24 thoughts on “What Should Go On My Business Christmas Card Envelopes?”

  1. If you have a company logo, I think you should use it whenever possible. It’s bound to look great and get noticed when it’s printed along with your return address.

  2. I never send out mail without a return address. Holiday mail is really important – what if you’ve moved? And if you have a clear imprinted address with your company’s name that’s way better than a sticker.

  3. I think since I have a choice I’d like to add a row of “snowflakes” above my return address on my Christmas card envelopes, in silver for that frosty look.

  4. For company Christmas cards, which I have to order, I want the return address on the back of the envelope. It’s more personal than putting it on the front like we do for all our business correspondence.

  5. I think a bright shiny gold logo will look great on our Xmas envelopes this year. We’re proud of our new business and want people to know.

  6. My home business doesn’t have a logo but I’m using the beautiful silver seals to close my holiday envelopes. It’s a great addition below the return address.

  7. I keep my cards simple. The nice foil text is very professional and high end looking with our return address.

  8. Your service of recipient addressing is the best! It beats applying labels to all the envelopes. And I fully advise a return address on the back flap.

  9. I decorate my Christmas card envelopes as fancy as I do my tree. I have those gold seals to close the flap and then I add a seal to the front, too. It’s once a year that we can be so festive so why not?

  10. Nobody could mistake your beautiful envelopes for junk mail, still I want my name & company logo in gold or silver on the back of the envelopes. We enjoy a little extra glitz around the holidays.

  11. We prefer the return address on the front of the envelopes because we add your seals to the back flap. We like that clean look.

  12. I like to have a little something special above our return address, like LET IT SNOW! or a row of asterisks to look like snow. The big joke is none of our customers will see snow here in Alabama for Christmas.

  13. I prefer the logo & return address on the front of our envelopes. Then people know immediately who sent the card.

  14. When email is the usual way to communicate the physical address is often an afterthought. Your return address is important to include on your envelopes, along with a logo if you have one.

  15. Always include a return address on your holiday card envelopes. I cut off the flap of all the envelopes we receive & tape them on pages in a binder. Very quick to record and super easy to change when someone moves.

  16. Never send out mail without a return address on the envelopes. Letting people know where you’re located makes sense. And for the holiday mail why not print in green or red to stand out?

  17. Instead of just the return address I use all year, for the holidays I add a snowflake seal to close the envelope. And because it makes me feel good I put one on the front, too.

  18. The suggestion to seal the envelopes with a gold or silver seal is the best. No licking the flap and the envelope looks very festive – two pluses.

  19. The stamp and your return address are no-brainers. What you really want to use on those holiday card envelopes is red or green print to jazz it up.

  20. For sure a small logo and the business address is essential. I always add the seals that match for our Holiday mail to stand out.

  21. We tape the envelope flaps with return addresses on paper & scan them for next year’s Xmas list. You need your business name & address for sure, but if you have a catchy logo then add it.

  22. I think you should try something different for Christmas, maybe add your company logo in color, or add some snowflakes around the return address.

  23. Why would you neglect to add a return address? Lots of businesses move so you always want to be sure you have your current address on all your mail.

  24. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what supposed to go on envelopes since sending mail is much less common now… these reminders are great!

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