The Benefits of Custom Greeting Cards

Custom greeting cards are perfect for every business. No matter what line of work you are in, you have at least 100 customers or clients that deserve a custom printed greeting card from you or your business. I have read some marketing facts that show it costs 10 times less to keep a current customer than it does to get a new one.  This is the benefit of custom greeting cards. It also shows your appreciation to your current customers or clients in a very inexpensive way and it preserves your ongoing business relationships.

By the way, custom greeting cards are wonderful for personal use as well. The greeting cards are excellent for birthdays, holidays, or any special life occurrences. Custom greeting cards really touch the hearts of the people you send them out to.  In our world of faceless electronic communication it has become very important that we reach our customers in a memorable way.

Whether I send out a single greeting card or a few, say for a holiday, I almost always receive emails and text messages thanking me for the greeting card I that sent.  When I receive this kind of feedback I become more aware of the impact I created. One positive is that I have made someone smile and be happy, so I feel good too!

Another positive is that my greeting card has physically been opened and read, I wonder about emails we all send, sometimes it is just easier to hit “delete all”.  There is no question in my mind that my card will be placed somewhere in their home or office, for quite a while.   

11 thoughts on “The Benefits of Custom Greeting Cards”

  1. If I’m handing out my business card to customers when I do a job then I want to follow up with a really nice holiday card, too. Any way that I can keep my company on the minds of my customers is good for business and relationships.

  2. If you’re in business you need custom cards to keep your business name out there with all your customers. Competition is tough so these cards really help. Get your name out!

  3. Custom greeting cards aren’t just for big business. My husband loves them for his landscaping company, just a family business of six people. He sends Christmas cards to all his customers and it saves time to have our names printed in them.

  4. I like to pick my own message. I am glad there is an option to make up our own sayings in addition to the prepared ones.

  5. I have used the prewritten greetings before, but now I like to have fun and write a personal message. They are both great options.

  6. When you talk about custom greeting cards my favorite is the photo card we send our friends and relatives for Christmas. Everyone tells us how special it is to let them see our family changing each year.

  7. With a brand new dental practice we need to retain patients. One way is to send a thank card to all new patients from the partners in our office. Custom cards help a lot.

  8. My custom cards are good for any occasion. They are blank inside except for my company logo and contact info. That way I can write something appropriate and personal as I need a card.

  9. Custom cards are an economical way to stay ahead with your contacts . Birthday, holidays, whatever, you can’t go wrong with a card with your logo or maybe a photo of your staff.

  10. I’m in real estate and we always send a card on the anniversary of a house that was bought. Our logo and info is printed inside. It’s just good business to follow up your sales.

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