Secrets to Creating a Smashing Presentation Folder Your Clients Won’t Put Down!

What transforms an ordinary presentation folder into something spectacular? A little thought and planning along can go a long way.

First be sure you are starting with a quality product meaning a nice heavy weight card stock at least 100lbs for that substantial feel.

Next, consider doing something a little bit out of the ordinary and try a prismatic foil to give your foil stamped imprint some additional shine and dimension of color. The prism like effect will make the foil literally dance and can captivate your audience as they move the folder difference ways to catch the light.

Ideally, you place your order online and find an excellent user interface that allow you to see exactly how what size your logo and imprint information will look best on the presentation folder dimensions. You don’t want to go too big but you definitely want your logo big enough that it stands out and in a position that showcases your brand name.

Don’t be afraid to add some information towards the bottom of your folder for that added touch of class. The bottom front of your pocket folder is an excellent place to put your company name, address, phone number, or just your URL. Make it easy for your customers to find your contact info on your presentation folders and sit back while the sales start roll in.

23 thoughts on “Secrets to Creating a Smashing Presentation Folder Your Clients Won’t Put Down!”

  1. The folders with the larger spine are splendid. We use them for all our home closings.

  2. We ordered folders for the first time earlier in the year. They came out great – just like the holiday cards.

  3. We order a large batch of these early in the year. They are really great for all our new hires to contain their documents.

  4. We use folders for our clients and I wish banks and other lawyers would use them, too. Ending an appointment with giving out loose paperwork is not the way to treat a client.

  5. You’re spending budget dollars so you should get good quality and an attractive product for your money. The paper quality is very good and the artwork is top notch with these folders.

  6. In a law office a folder is essential for each client. We store the originals of important documents and give out copies in these sturdy folders.

  7. You can give out a folder to a client that’s plain and dull or you can add pizazz with a shiny logo. I choose the logo. It’s a way to identify & remember us.

  8. It’s so hard for me to stay organized. I’m glad we have a bank that gives us a nice sturdy folder for the IRAs and bonds. I would probably misplace some otherwise.

  9. You can show off your business logo in foil while providing essential contact info. I like the folders that hold more papers for our tax clients.

  10. Every prospect gets a folder to hold our bids and specs when they leave our office. I think it impresses them and says we are proud of our business.

  11. My sorority holds reunions every five years. Folders are great for keeping track of Go & No Go responses. Our Greek letters look awesome in gold!

  12. I give out printed exercises and my business card for my Pilates private sessions clients in these folders. They look classy.

  13. I can’t believe the variety of colors and the elegant printing you are able to do. These folders are way stronger than the plain folders we’ve used in the past.

  14. Not just practical, these folders are attractive. The metal foils are eye-catching, the logos are a great idea.

  15. After I got a sample of the silver foil I was happy to bring it to the boss for his OK to order some folders for our office.

  16. I’m bragging that our folders look terrific! In addition to the bold, shiny logo we used we also gave location & contact info a great place on the back of the folders. Our clients had only positive things to say.

  17. Ever since my company started using these folders, we’ve gotten many compliments from our clients. We also order our business cards from them now.

  18. It’s so professional to hand out documents in a folder instead of paper clipping pages together. If the folder has a logo and your contact info that’s ideal.

  19. I’m kind of proud of the folders we ordered for the office. They’re a way to brand the business with our logo and clients have commented on them looking so good.

  20. Any client would rather walk out of my office with their paperwork in a sturdy folder like yours. We have all our contact info on it plus a handy business card inside it.

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