Ways to Customize Your Presentation Folders

A great way to increase your clientele is to send out advertisements promoting your business or services. Stray away from the typical mailings and handouts and go with something bigger and better; presentation folders. Follow these tips on customizing your company presentation folders.

The first thing you want your customers to see when they receive your presentation folder is your company colors. Pick the right color folder, as well as the right imprint color, to match your company colors. The Gallery Collection offers nine different colored folders and sixteen different foil imprint colors.

Next, you definitely want to have your company logo front and centered. You can either have the logo printed large with the company name following beneath it, or have the logo printed a bit smaller to fit the company name next to it. Either way, the name of the company needs to be big, bold and noticeable.

The Gallery Collection offers five different print areas for their presentation folders. If your company has a slogan or catch phrase, you can have that printed at the bottom front of the folder, the bottom back, or on either inside pocket.

Use another imprint area to add your contact information. Your customers are going to need a form of contact once they receive your impressive folders. Include a phone number, an email address, a website and even a contact name.

One last thing to add to your company folder is a business card. Whether it be your own personal business card or a generic company card, insert the card in the folder pocket with the business card slits. This way, if your customers don’t want to carry the folder with them, they can take your business card with them wherever they go.

10 thoughts on “Ways to Customize Your Presentation Folders”

  1. As an accountant these folders are something we go through like crazy. We used to have something very generic, until we got samples from Gallery Collection. Our clients often comment on how nice the folders are with the stunning foil. It jazzes up tax season!

  2. These folders impress! The paper quality is tremendous and the foil looks incredible.

  3. I am a huge fan of these folders. There are so many options. My order looks stunning.

  4. These folders are of superior quality. I am proud to use these for my clients.

  5. Our logo on these folders looks so rich. Top quality paper and detailed artwork are a win win for me.

  6. Anyone in marketing will tell you that landing an account isn’t enough. You have to keep it and encourage re-orders. These folders make my business stand out.

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