Company Christmas Cards That Make an Impact

My personal favorites are the Feature Your Company Name Holiday Cards which allow you to see the name of the company or CEO/Owner’s name on the front of the card. These designs add an extra dash of professionalism to your greeting cards.

Industry specific cards are wonderful as well since they show more than just a holiday sentiment. They show what is the heart behind their company.  Our trucking line has so many to choose from, and they all have a great color and can be edited to really make an impact on customers.  Doctor/dentists cards are great for patients, they are very charismatic and make patients feel very loved and cared for by the physician.  So many industry specific cards are great, and I look forward to the next batch the Gallery Collection comes up with next!  

There are also Custom Photo Mount Christmas cards which leave open a wide range of possibilities in terms of customization. There is an amazing selection of these cards also.  You may add pictures to them or company logos.  These are relatively new, and are such a fantastic line of cards.

Calendar cards are so useful all year long, you can have clients, patients, customers, family, and friends see your name everyday with your 5 lines of script.  Also, you could have a picture of your practice, company building, staff picture, or even one of the 7 wonders of the world on the calendar.  Then on the bottom put your information or even a logo of your company in our gorgeous foil print. So many ways to make these and have yourself remembered all year long.  

Of course quality is important and Gallery Collection cards have that on all the cards.

5 thoughts on “Company Christmas Cards That Make an Impact”

  1. I love the digital cards where the company name can be featured on the front. It’s so cool that you can play with the font and see exactly how it looks like on the website.

  2. Not many companies offer this feature. I personally prefer a card I can edit myself. Maybe Iā€™m a control freak šŸ˜Š

  3. The custom photo mounts look so great! I love that I can make my card stand out with my own image and still have that high quality.

  4. I was really excited to see cards with trucks on them. After all that is the business I work for so it is so very fitting!

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